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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Am Thankful For...Hallelujah Moments!

I just love those little Hallelujah Moments in life....
The small things that bring joy to the soul.
I am participating in the Thankful Hearts Blog Hop over at 
A Slice of Smith Life...Hope you'll join in!

We just confirmed that hubby will be off for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year.  This is definitely a Hallelujah Moment!  As a firefighter, hubby hasn't had both of these days off in about 
5 years.
This is an early Christmas gift and definitely one of those moments to be thankful for!

I'm not one to complain but the firefighter schedule can get a little rough on the family with a job that doesn't regard weekends and holidays as sacred.   Hubby often misses out on many things that our culture does at these moments and times.  Sunday Mass,  holy days, holidays, our children's sporting games, birthday parties, and other social invitations are not always attended with or by Hubby/Dad.  

There are a few people I know who seem to think our firefighter is 'always around' as he is able to drift in and out of our weekday.  Truly, it is a blessing for us to have him home during our homeschooling days when he is available.  But they fail to see the reality of a Daddy that has to miss many special things. The kids never seem to "get used to it." They still whine when Daddy slips away in the wee hours of the morning for several days.   And they cry when he has to miss Thanksgiving or Christmas, just to name a few.  Even I try to be tough about carting our family around by myself...But I definitely have weak and vulnerable moments!  Of course when all is said and done, there is one thing that is certain...we are always grateful when he is with us!  We never take him for granted.We learn to pray harder for his safety and to offer up our sacrifices (including his) for all those who are blessed to be served by him during an emergency.

I often think about and pray for military families who have to go-it-alone while their spouse deploys.
Having been in the military myself, gives me all the more appreciation. 
 I know many military families who dig in for a year(or more) at a time without their spouse...My brother, his wife, and three boys, are one of those families.  They are heroes and may God Bless them. He must have a special place in heaven for the incredible souls who sacrifice so much for so many.

Isn't it during these tough times of trial and challenge that we see the Hallelujah moments more clearly?
For this I have a thankful heart.
It's going to be a blessed Christmas with our Firefighter home with us and for this, I am beyond  grateful.


  1. oh yes, that sounds like a really huge reason for shouting halleluiah! what a commitment your hubby has given to the people of your community and what a commitment you have given as well. a ssacrifice for both you and your beloved, and for your family. Bless you both for putting helping others -- love of neighbor -- so far up on your priority list! I think I'll check out the slice of life hop. Also. I will get you the brandname of the saints. I got them at our local Catholic bookstore.

  2. Hi Tiffany! Oh, I am so excited and happy for your Hallelujah moment and news! That is so awesome and a long awaited answered prayer for sure to have your firefighter hubby home for Christmas!
    This post is beautiful and our family thanks your family's many sacrifices you've had to make to serve others. Your husband, you, and your children are blessing others while your husband is protecting others. Thank you, for it takes a special person to be a firefighter and it takes an incredible wife and children to live with a firefighter!
    Thanks for linking up to our Thankful Hearts Blog Hop! I look forward to reading more thankful moments that you will have in Nov. Remember you can link up once or as many times as you would like!
    God bless,
    Tracy at A Slice of Smith Life

  3. What a blessing for Christmas!! A good reminder for those of us who just take for granted that our spouses are home for the holidays. I have a husband who travels, but is home on holidays, weekends etc. I know how hard it is on the kids when Dad is gone. So glad you have a Christmas together to look forward to :) Blessings

  4. I am so happy to hear about your early Christmas present. And it is a family-sized gift!

  5. It is so difficult being away from loved ones, especially when they are doing their job which places their life in danger. Thank you to all the firefighters who sacrifice so much for others. I have "A Salute" on my blog for soldiers and their families, you could easily replace them with firefighters. God has blessed you, and I am thankful you will be together this year. Thank you also for joining us on our "Thankful Hearts Blog Hop." I am now following your adventures.

  6. What a great post.

    God bless you and yours.

  7. Hi again Tiffany!
    I wanted to let you know that I passed on a blog award to you! Details here:

    Have a thankful and blessed weekend!

  8. What wonderful news!

    I appreciate where you're coming from - for years I was a "retail widow" on many holidays (not quite the same, but missing family moments nonetheless.) It truly makes you appreciate the time you have together!


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