Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Christmas Surprise

Disneyland Or Bust!

We did it...My husband and I pulled off a Christmas Surprise!
We have been saving and planning this trip for a year now.
A trip to Disneyland was going to be our Christmas gift to the children.

After Christmas Eve Mass...
When all of the Angels and Shepherds were snug in their beds...
My husband and I went to work!
Bags were packed and the family CAV (Catholic Assault Vehicle)
was packed...
In preparation for the Christmas surprise.
The children had NO idea until they unwrapped their
Mickey Mouse ears on 
Christmas Morning.
Can you tell they are excited?
Mom and Dad were excited too!
The next day we arrived at
the Magic Kingdom...
A fun 2 days~ had by all.
We ended our trip
with a visit to the Los Angeles Cathedral
~Our Lady of Angels~

~I just loved these angels etched in the glass windows of the Cathedral Courtyard...

and this amazing image of John the Baptist
and Jesus~

We certainly had fun at the Magic Kingdom...
Lest we forget,
A Heavenly Kingdom
is still our ultimate goal!
~O Come, Let Us Adore Him,
Christ The Lord~


  1. Wow! What an accomplishment to pull that off! Looks like a fun trip. Merry Christmas!

  2. Holy crap! (Sorry!) That is AMAZING!!!! I love it and am completely excited for you all!!!

    Oh my gosh! The etchings and the John the Baptist image - wow!

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts, Tiffany. Even the most secular of activities you blend our faith into. How wonderful that you were able to organize this trip. I love the added touch of the mickey on the front grill of your truck! you think of everything! Merry Christmas.


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