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Thursday, January 20, 2011

St. Agnes Flowers

Happy Feast of St. Agnes!
January 21, 2011

Some people refer to snowflakes as St. Agnes flowers because she holds a winter feast day.  I first read about this in our Big Book of Catholic Customs and Traditions.  Since then, I have seen some really cute crafting ideas around the bloggy world, though her primary symbol is the lamb.
Today we made these fun St. Agnes Flower Brownies with a snowflake stencil and powdered sugar.
Making these stencil designs is my new favorite way to decorate dessert!

Lacy at Catholic Icing has a neat post for St. Agnes.  She found a glittery paper plate craft by Sun and Candlelight that inspired us on this feast day (below).  Be sure to stop over and check out Catholic Icing's post on snowflakes too.   
Joyfilled Family also has some wonderful resources to share for St. Agnes as well.

We rarely get snow where we live so it has been fun doing a winter theme unit to include lots of reading and studying about snow!  Next week, we have a science project planned to make our own snow crystals.
Until then, we closed out our week with some snowflake projects, dedicated to St. Agnes.
Our family loves the story about St. Agnes, the brave and lovely 13-year-old martyr, who gave her life TO Christ and FOR Christ, her bridegroom.  You may read more about her at Catholic Culture.

We also painted a few snowflake rocks, using the colors of white and blue to represent purity.
Then we placed them at the feet of our Sacred Heart of Jesus, who welcomes visitors to our 
front door.
I am also looking into these St. Agnes "Snowflake" or Snowdrop Flower Bulbs for next year!
Tomorrow, we are making paper snowflakes to decorate our windows...We can pretend there's snow outside, right?

All-powerful and ever-living God,
You choose the weak in this world to confound the powerful.
When we celebrate the memory of Saint Agnes, may we, like her,
remain constant in our faith.


  1. Lots of great ideas all in one post!! You inspire me with your craftiness ;) The painted rocks are a great idea and I like how you used them. We have a Mary garden in our front yard, but I like the idea of having a statue right at the entrance of your home ~ beautiful! Oh and I wish I could say we "rarely" have snow, I am ready for some sunshine! Have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful! I am sharing your post today in my blog! I meant to tell you that you inspired me to celebrate the Most Holy Name of Jesus this month. I will share something about it, hopefully tomorrow! Thanks!!

  3. Once again, your ideas saved the day! Thank you. :)

  4. I love all your ideas. last year, I copied your painted lady bug rocks for the Mary garden. I may have to copy the snowflake rocks too. Didn't realize St. Agnes was only 23 y.o. when she was martyred for Christ. the stenciled powdered sugar is a creative idea. and I like how you made the paper plate craft into a hanging mobile. (I love mobiles!!) thanks for sharing all your ideas, Tiffany.


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