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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Renewing Our Yes

The Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord
As we wrap up our 2nd week of Lent, I look forward to one of my favorite feasts, The Annunciation of the Lord.  A deep feeling of thanksgiving fills my spirit as our family also celebrates a special anniversary on this feast day.  It was the Annunciation of 2007 that my husband and I made our first True Devotion Consecration to Jesus, through Mary.  We also consecrated our family at the same time.  Speaking for myself, it was another profound conversion experience...No words can quite describe it but I know it changed my life, yet again!  If you have never read True Devotion To Mary By: St. Louis De Montfort, here is an excerpt from the Preface that speaks volumes: "I would venture to warn the reader that one perusal will be very far from making him master of it. If I may dare to say so, there is a growing feeling of something inspired and supernatural about it, as we go on studying it; and with that we cannot help experiencing, after repeated readings of it, that its novelty never seems to wear off, nor its fullness to be diminished, nor the fresh fragrance and sensible fire of its unction never to abate." 

I would also like to wish a very "Happy Consecration Anniversary" to a group of my Marian Sisters in Christ to whom I wholeheartedly credit my True Devotion journey, that includes our renewal this past Advent.  I am eternally grateful for each of their inspiring lives even though I have never met some of them on our Yahoo Group. One of my dear friends has been a constant companion as we have made pilgrimages to Our Lady on many occasions.  Joan's faith and friendship continues to be a light in my life. Another friend is an awesome Catholic blogger who has been a steadfast support and authentic Catholic witness.  Lena and her family truly live the faith that continues to inspire me and so many others through her blog. Thank you to all of my dear sisters..."All For!"(All For Jesus, through Mary)

On this Solemnity of The Annunciation of The Lord, our family is renewing our
to God!
And we are honoring Our Lady for her profound "Yes" to God's will for her life, turning the key to salvation history.  If that's not a hallelujah moment, I don't know what is.
~We made this Annunciation Blueberry Oatmeal Coffee Cake to celebrate...It was one yummy Yes~
Be sure to check out my post over at Catholic Cuisine for easy instructions.
I got a crack up out of this moment...
I couldn't figure out why little Miss was loudly insisting on having something to stick on top of her coffee cake!? She was having a bit of a "cow," to put things politely.
 Then it dawned on me that maybe I had created a monster creative child since I'M the crazy lady always sticking something in or on our liturgical food {ie) Mardis Gras, most recently}
 She grabbed herself a flag out of the drawer and was one happy camper!
Hmmm what have I gotten myself into?
All I can do is proclaim "All For!"
And speaking of that All For, I just can't resist making another plug for this Lenten retreat "Consoling The Heart of Jesus" that I am making.  It's just too good to keep to myself!  As I read in my Magnificat today: "Treasure of every kind, material or not, is a gift from God, given to be shared and not hoarded. Trust in God rather than a stockpile of personal resources is the source of our salvation.  Wickedness is not always overt: the neglect of simple kindness, great or small, kills as surely as open violence." OK, so I'm sharing this little treasure! For me, this retreat has been that next turn in my faith journey, Praise God for continued conversion.  It's one of those books that just changes or gives you a whole new perspective.  It sure is doing that for me, at least. Let's just say that I'm having many "WOW" moments and I'm loving it.  It is written in conversational style and is simple to follow...Perfect for my simple brain and the smallness of my soul. Praise God for giving us spiritual leaders, like this author Fr. Michael Gaitley, to guide us back and form us unto God's will.  It's just the perfect read for Lent!
I wanted to share this excerpt from the book that is so pertinent for this feast and also for those who desire to make a consecration or have already consecrated themselves to Jesus, through His most Holy Mother:
"One of the greatest aspects of being consecrated to Mary is that she's such a gentle Mother.  She makes the lessons of the Cross into something sweet, and she pours her motherly love and solace into our every wound.  Going to her and giving her permission to do her job truly is the surest, easiest, shortest and the most perfect means to becoming a saint.  What joy it is to be consecrated to Jesus through Mary!"  The author goes on to state that every human being is invited to rest in the womb of Mary and be transformed there, by the power of the Holy Spirit, more perfectly into Christ's own image.  And how do we do this? The same way Mary did.  We just say yes.
~God Bless your Feast Day and may your Yes's outweigh your No's~

Annunciation Prayer
Lord who had been kind enough to take the human body from the virgin, unite us all in your peace.
Unite us all with your grace.  Fill us with your love so that we can share this love with you and others among us.  Make us worthy to praise thee with your blessed Mother and all the saints.
Peace be unto thee, Mother of the Sun of righteousness.
Peace be unto thee, the palace of holiness,
Peace be unto thee the ship full of blessings,
the fruit of your virginity is blessed,
Holy Mother please pray for us,
so that we would also be holy like you in our lives.
Lord have mercy on us.
A Few Helpful Links:
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  1. Dear Friend & Chosen One,

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    Thank you for your beautiful witness of faith. May your family continue to grow closer to Our Lord through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Pax Christi - Lena & family
    "Slaves to Jesus through Mary"

    "It was through the Blessed Virgin Mary that Jesus came into the world, and it is also through her that He must reign in the world." ~Saint Louis de Montfort

  2. This is another beautiful post! Your faith is an inspiration. Happy Feast of the Annunciation!

  3. All so beautiful, Tiffany. Thank you for sharing. And I, too, am loving that book. I have to read...sigh...think...and then pick up and read a bit more. I'm enjoying it in the evening, at bedtime.

  4. I love your post Tiffany. Happiest of Anniversaries. how wonderful that your family has been consecrated to Jesus through Our Lady. It truly is the witness of others that builds us up and moves us forward and closer to God. We don't realize how much of an opportunity we have to be a witness to others. God bless ! I will have to pick up that book. You've written about it before, and something tells me I need to listen to you !


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