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Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy and Blessed Weekend

It was a busy and blessed weekend!
Friday started out with a visit from my late husband's parents, Grandparents to Mer-man (And the rest of our children too)  They came to attend First Holy Communion for Princess and got a bonus surprise from the visit...Mer-man received the Most Valuable Player Award for his Varsity Swim Team!  They were able to attend his sports banquet and smile with Mer-man as proud grandparents.  They live quite a distance away so we don't get to see them very often.  This was a real treat for us all.  Having lost 2 out of 4 sons, one being my late husband, it always warms my heart to share life's joyful moments with them, grateful to have them in our lives.
Saturday morning brought Sacramental Joy.
Princess received a special gift from us...A St. Kateri Tekakwitha Saint Doll, whom she had chosen as her First Holy Communion Patron Saint.  

Following First Holy Communion we ventured back into "the world" for Prom Night.
I know, I know, some people cringe at those words...
I can only imagine the silent thoughts out there!
Through it all, I just want to share that there are some good young people in the world.  I'm not claiming that all good kids are perfect, but I do know some amazing and faith-filled Christian young people within our son's circle of friends.  This is a GIGANTIC blessing and witness to the world around us.   We are not discouraged and our hope is strong.
Our family van had a new "mission" this night...
I was simply impressed that our son, just 5 months shy of turning 18, wasn't embarrassed to drive it!
Dad helped convert it to a "Limo."
We hosted appetizers at our house, then the group of kids traveled to another home for dinner, followed by a last home for dessert.  All of the teens handled being smothered by adults quite well!
I must say again, I was quite impressed!  
Son and his date...Just friends.

I was also pleased to hear that wrist bands were given at the door by teacher chaperones.  If you were caught dirty dancing, your wrist band would be snipped as a first warning.  If caught a second time, you would be escorted out.  Mer-man came home on time, all passengers delivered safely, with full wrist band in tact, praise God!
On to the next event...Mother's Day on Sunday!
Let the gardening begin!
Though we were all pooped from several late nights and long days, my dear family insisted on keeping up our Mother's Day Mary Garden tradition.  After  breakfast and Mass, they sent me off to get my toes done with my Mom.  This was a real treat by the way!  Upon returning home, this is what my beloved and all 5 children created while I was gone...For me and our family devotion to the Blessed Mother, Patroness of life and ALL Mothers.
After hosting another family meal Sunday evening (at our house) with both of our parents that live in town, including my 93-year old Grandma, we were "officially" wiped out.  What a combo of events we've had, right? It was an end to a VERY busy weekend...Busy But Blessed!


  1. Tiffany, you have so much of which to be proud! I love your First Communion post-the pictures are great!

    Happy belated Mother's Day and many blessings to you and your family!

  2. Mer-man sounds like a great young man! What a wonderful witness to the other young people in his world! I seems to me you are doing a great jib of being "in" the world and not "of" the world.

  3. Oh,Tiffany...I would have requested a massage LOL!!! YOu had a very eventful, blessed-filled, joy-filled weekend for sure. What a memory maker :)

    We have a HUGE homeschool association in the DFW area. (Actually a couple). They also host a wonderful prom. Prom isn't evil, it becomes what people make of it. Your son (through his parents' guidance) made it truly a memorable one.

    What a breathe of fresh air!!!!

  4. what a beautiful God-filled weekend you had! I love the cross of flowers in your Mary garden...the whole garden actually. it is a beautiful tradition you have to celebrate our Lady on mother's day weekend. God Bless your princess on her First holy Communion. it was wonderful that she chose a patron saint for her Sacrament. (had not heard of that before, and I lovelove the St. Kateri Doll!) i'll definitely have to do this when it's Little Flower's turn. I love your Trinity and Cross food servings -- too wonderful! Congrats to your son on the MVP award -- what an accomplishment, and you must have a full heart knowing your son is living uprightly and has a good crowd he socializes with. What a weekend you all had. I love the family photo. God bless and happy mother's day!!

  5. Busy, busy weekend full of many blessings! Congrats to your son on his MVP award and he looked so handsome in his tux. I agree with Patty, Prom isn't evil and it looks like all the kids had a great time. How fun for them to all be able to drive around together :) Your daughter looked beautiful and I hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day!!

  6. What a weekend!

    Even though my daughters all homeschooled, they filled our 15 passenger van many times to go the their version of "prom". I am glad that they had the opportunity. No. They do not behave perfectly, but they strive for something better than the worldly sense of the prom and have a great time while they are at it. My hubby really loves being the "limo" driver! It is a great window into the world of our kids.

    Congratulations on your daughter's First Holy Communion. My son is making is in the beginning of June and can't wait.

    And, an MVP!! I don't think you could fit more in one weekend!

    Happy Mother's Day.

  7. It looks like an amazing weekend! My husband and children plant a Mary garden for me every Mother's Day, too! A lovely tradition! +JMJ+

  8. WOW :D What a busy and very blessed weekend you had! You must be so proud of Mer-man and Princess. She looks beautiful and he is just beaming and so handsome! I am happy you had such a joy filled weekend and hope that you are resting a bit from all of the excitement. I love your Mary garden too. I plan to plant one this spring.


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