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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

My husband just sent me these photos from work.  I got a kick out of them since our 12 year old is SO like Father, like Son.  He is old enough to go to work with Dad and believe me, he takes advantage of it every chance he can get.  I think we have discovered some very strong interests and it's a blessing that he's been able to explore them with Dad. The Fire Station was his class room for today.  
Army Dude is also working on his Fire Prevention Boy Scout merit badge.  This was the perfect place to get it done.  Being Mom, I always worry about what our little man might "see" or what danger might be lurking...My beloved Captain reassures me not to fret.  He always starts his day with the rosary on the way to work and today was no exception.  I smile as I picture father and son praying on their early morning 90 mile commute, before the sun comes up.  This alone brings peace to a mother's heart.  In addition to their armor of God, back-up plans exist and measures are taken to shield Army Dude when necessary.  I trust in Captain as my husband, father to our children, and  professional servant.  He is a first responder that takes his job to heart.
Army Dude loves living the firefighter life...Sleeping in the dorm is part of the excitement!
I am told that Army Dude is required to help take care of this rig.  He helps keep it clean and assists with all of the appropriate engine checks.  This includes washing!
I wonder who long this took?
Reports have been made that he is also quite enthusiastic about his chores around the fire station and never complains about cooking or cleaning.
Hmmm, I'm going to remember that one!
If you ask me, I think he looks pretty comfortable....Like Father, like Son.


  1. SO very cool for Army Dude! I bet he loved it! My boys would jump at the chance to do something like that with their Dad too (if their Dad were a firefighter). Glad he had such a great day and learned so much too. Hope you are having a good week Tiffany :-)

  2. Awwww, that was so nice. My husband prays a rosary on the way to work too, he says he prays a decade for each kiddo!

    I love that.

    Your son is sooo cute. He's blessed to have such an experience, what a great thing to grow up with. He'll have great memories of going to work with dad!

  3. how blessed your family is to hava a father who is an awesome role model for his children. and it must tickle your heart to see Army Dude emulating his dad. great photos of your son being the fire fighter!


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