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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shades Of Our Youth

Praise God, our pilgrims are back!
This was my favorite photo, taken of my son...I thought it was an amazing reflection, through his "shades"(sunglasses), of the crowds at World Youth Day.  His Facebook caption of this photo reads: "Lend me your eyes and I can change what you see."

 Through the shades of our youth, I saw many hours of EWTN coverage on WYD and cried many tears of joy.  I came away with invigorating hope.  
Did you hear there were an estimated 2 million pilgrims?...Most of them being the future of our church. Wow!
Through the shades of our youth, I saw the endearing love for our Holy Father...
The youth endearingly cheered for the 264th successor to St. Peter (and 265th Pope):
"Benedicto, Benedicto, Benedicto!

I was inspired by the photos taken by our pilgrims, young people on fire for our faith.
Through the shades of our youth, I saw the universal church in all of it's glory and love.
They said there were approximately 170 country flags, all for 1 faith.

Through the shades of our youth, I saw that our pilgrims made fast friends with many young people around the world, regardless of background or culture.  We are 1 body.
  Madagascar pilgrims were close companions...
Along with Brunei (I had to look that one up on the map)
Hint:  It's a Malaysian island and own separate country in South East Asia!
Uganda (below)
And a special bond made with pilgrim friends from Trinidad...
 Through the shades of our youth I also saw my son always in pictures with a bunch of girls!
I saw that "firm in the faith" also meant "firm in the metro"!
Through the shades of our youth, this is FUN.  Through my forty-something shades, this looks like purgatory!  Although I must say that it is colorfully captivating to look at:)
Thankful to have them back and eager to see what's in store for their future...

All God's plans are shining through the shades of our youth.

It was exciting that our pilgrims had a brief interview with EWTN's Life on the Rock!
They are in green shirts and my son was the spokesperson at the 1:57 mark on the video.  This was a great show, if you have a chance to watch the whole thing.
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  1. Deo gratias! Continued prayers for your beloved pilgrims and all the youth.

    Ad Jesum per Mariam, Lena

    P.S. Lovely pic of Merman in his shades.

  2. Yeah! My face hurts from grinning so much to hear and see Merman on the interview. Tell him great job!

    Loved the pictures and yes...had to chuckle at all those girls. (hee hee)

  3. beautiful photos. so glad to hear you were able to follow along with EWTN. The events must have been Spirit-filled. Isn't it amazing the number of youth who are on fire for Catholicism and Christ!! God bless your son and hubby and all the youth who attended. I'm sure their graces from WYD will overflow into your family!

  4. Several friends of ours were at WYD in Madrid and just returned saying they had an amazing experience. My best friend went to the one in Australia and the one in Germany, and my husband made it to the one in Toronto. Unfortunately, I became Catholic too late to go to Germany and got married too soon to go to Australia (we were expecting our first daughter). I love that picture of your son. I think WYD is an awesome opportunity for Catholic youth.

  5. What great pictures! I can obviously now go on to your blog and catch up on your family's WYD trip. I really wish that the media picked up on the fact that so many youth, with a love for Jesus, gathered together to worship! That should have been headline news!

  6. What an amazing experience! I'm so glad you shared with us and I love that first photo as well. I really hope that it will work out for my children to attend future WYD as they get older.


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