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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holy Week Art Project And Easter Book

Passion of Christ Newspaper Art Scene

This is an easy and fun art project for Holy Week!  It also leads to great discussion about the Holy Cross as the instrument of glory for our salvation.
The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.~1 Cor 1:18~

We got the idea from my daughter's art class using ripped up newspaper.  She originally made this piece of newspaper art.  
The whole idea got my liturgical wheels turning since it IS Lent after all;) I thought the black construction paper made the perfect back drop for Calvary.  Relaying my thoughts to Princess started her engine and she went straight to work, designing her own Passion of Christ Newspaper Art scene! 

I think this project would be good for ages 7 and up.  My daughter is 9 (4th grade).  It's a bit messy since you have to rip up a bunch of newspaper but it cleans up easily.

Supplies needed:
Black construction paper
Old newspaper
Glue stick or Rubber Cement

1. You start by making the basic shapes of the 3 Calvary Crosses by ripping out regular newspaper. (Not cutting, but ripping)
Rip pieces of the dark colored ads for Christ crucified.  
Place pieces in the shapes that you see best fitting.  Each child might have a different idea of how this might look!  It's neat to see how their imaginations and creativity play out in amazing ways...Much better than mine:)
Use various colors from the newspaper ads for the hill and the stormy sky to complete the landscape and the project.
We hung the finished project on our Lenten mantel...I love the view from a distance:)
We hope you are inspired to give it a try!

He himself bore our sins in his body upon the cross, so that, free from sin, we might live for righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.~1 Pt 2:24~

I also have a quick book recommendation.  At the beginning of Lent, I mentioned the legend of the Dogwood tree in relation to the Cross that hung our Savior.  I have since found and ordered a beautiful picture book that I just love.  The rich illustrations and story tie in the message of Easter in a new and beautiful way... You won't be disappointed!
+It would be the perfect Easter basket addition or gift+

And one last quote to share... love this one!
"Worship him who was hung on the cross because of you, even if you are hanging there yourself."~St. Gregory Nazianzen~

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  1. I love your crafts. New follower from Catholic Decor Link Up. God Bless, ~Gail

    1. Thank you, Gail and very nice to meet you! So glad you stopped by and left a comment:) I'll be popping over to your place soon!

  2. Tiffany, the newspaper art is awesome. First, I love the art your daughter created in art class. (the blouse/shirt is very cool!!) and those stormy dark clouds in the sky of Good Friday are also so wonderful. the finished artwork looks perfect on the mantle. so creative. that first quote from 1 Peter really speaks to me. both sentences. that our purpose, being free of damnation, is to live for righteousness... and that Christ taking on those wounds have healed us of our wounds! I'll be taking that quote to my heart for a while. :) God bless your Lenten journey.

    1. Thank you, Gardenia! Isn't it amazing how scripture always speaks to us just when we need it! God bless, my friend:)

  3. Awesome!!! Also makes an art project fun for a boy.

    1. I agree, Patty! Sometimes it's hard to find things that boys can do (or enjoy) too!

  4. lovely art project - perfect addition for your beautiful mantel.


  5. Tiffany, what a great craft idea! My kids would really get into the paper ripping :) I'm going to check out the picture book. Thanks

  6. Maravilloso, para lo pequeños será un excelente trabajo

  7. What a fun art project and it does look really cool on your Lenten altar. Your daughter did a good job picking the colors so they stand out! I was also happy to discover that I could borrow The Legend of the Dogwood from one of the libraries in our area. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Thanks, Noreen! So happy to hear you can find this book at the library! You will love it:) Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I love this! Somehow I did not see it when it posted. We are going to do this!!


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