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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

College to Catholic ABC's

...Needless to say, we've switched gears around here!  Our college boy is settled in, happy, and doing well.  Though my heart is still heavy, time marches on in a busy household.  As I struggle to catch the tail of change, I find refreshment in the simple tasks.  What more can I say, Catholic A, B, C's has a grip on me!

Our youngest was more than ready to start doing a pre-school curriculum this year.  We are using Lacy's Catholic 
A, B, C,'s Preschool Curriculum book (from Catholic Icing) and I am way over due in my promise to her that I would review this awesome book.  It really is awesome!  I am a visual learner, myself, so it certainly meets all of my needs...It's colorful, color-coded and filled with bright and beautiful photographs to exhibit each lesson.

The neat thing about this book is that Lacy has designed a section for use in a group, co-op, or classroom setting, as well as a separate section for individual use at home.  She has choreographed the time with a detailed teacher script which makes it super user-friendly!  With a lot going on in busy homes, she has made it easy to teach and experience this wondrous time with our pre-schoolers.
I also love that the crafts are simple and do-able for each letter of the alphabet.  I didn't even plan this craft for our first day but found we had all of the materials on hand.
A is for Angel:)
Each letter is beautifully designed to reflect an aspect of our faith in a way that little ones can easily understand, including a saint of the week and bible verse. Coupled with a small unit study that follows the liturgical year, the faith is certainly fully interwoven into this program!
In addition, Catholic A,B,C,'s encourages lots of hands-on learning through finger plays, songs, and snacks.  We made this "Ants On A Log" snack for the letter A.  (Pretzel rod with peanut butter and raisins) Did I mention that she has a whole section in the back of master copies? She has included many templates and coloring pages to enhance learning.
All the way around, it's a fabulous program!  Thank you, dear Lacy:)


  1. How fun! I wondered about Lacy's preschool program. It seemed like it would be fun- now I just need to find myself a preschooler to do it with! :)

  2. Your daughter did a great job on her picture! :) I've been wanting this book since it first came out!! My son is 3 and I'm hoping to buy this soon to do with him! :)

  3. I love Angel Baby's angel!! How wonderful that Lacy's book has color pics !! thanks for this review!

  4. Baby Angel is so cute! What a budding artist. I've seen Lacy's work with her own children and she has some amazing ideas! I continue to pray for your transition ;)

  5. Your daughter is so sweet and obviously artistically talented! Like her mom! Of course, Lacy is fabulous too. Great way for little ones to learn about Jesus. I'm with Patty on continuing to pray for your family during your family transition.


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