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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Walk For Life (West Coast) Photos~2013

Well, it was a beautiful day in San Francisco to Walk For Life...And that stands for more than just the weather.  Last I heard the numbers were 40,000 but it sure seemed like more!  What can I say? It was an honor to be there and words can't express the magnitude of HOPE that is witnessed in such an event.  Thank you for all who prayed...on behalf of the witnesses here and for LIFE.
I think the photos speak for themselves!
We rode with a local parish who took 5 buses!

Our friends and prayer warriors...
American Heritage Girls represented:)
Rally location~Civic Center~Downtown SF

These are dear friends who are like family...we've spent years in Youth Ministry together among many other things!  They are true warriors for the faith...+God Bless Fernando and Debbie for their loving witness!+
We loved seeing the nuns since we don't have any around our area! They're Rock Stars in my book:)
Loved the "signs!"
Old man with a walker...My hero.
Our 2nd son on the upper right:)
...And my favorite photo of the day (below) speaks volumes.  Oh Mama of all Mamas, please pray for us.
*A big thank you to Debbie for letting me borrow her phone camera to finish taking pictures, as mine died half way through the day*

Friday, January 25, 2013

West Coast Walking...Because LIFE Is Worth It!

I've been watching the coverage for the East Coast and now it's our turn tomorrow...We are really looking forward to it!
Our immediate family can't go as a whole unit so I'm taking a couple of our children and riding a local parish bus with some friends from our Parish and Youth Ministry AKA "Church Family":)  It was fun making these posters today, gleaning the idea from Southern California friends who already walked in San Diego:)

Here is one of my past reflections and a beautiful prayer to share if you are able to join us in spirit! 
In closing, my friend Kim came across this article on Facebook (By Cardinal Dolan) and I think it's one of my favorites...Just had to share!
+Be back with more photos soon....+

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Remember, You Are Dust (Cake)!"

OK, so try not to wince with the reminder that Lent begins 3 weeks from today!  We just so happened to have a spontaneous conversation about it over cake, yes, cake!
It all started around the letter D for Dirt Dust, as I played with our little Pre-K gal to make Dirt Dust Cake.  
Yep it was messy but don't be afraid...Be Not Afraid to get a bit messy because...That's just the point!  We are all messy sinners when left to our own devices.  It's only with God's help that we are clean again.
This was a nice activity to do prior to Ash Wednesday since the date itself is a day of sacrifice. (No cake:)

As we all crumbled up the messy "Dust" Cake, we talked about how it reminded us of Ash Wednesday and the words of the priest when he places the ashes on our foreheads: 
"Remember, you are dust, and unto dust you shall return." (Genesis 3:19)
  It was a tangible reminder that God made us out of dust (a lifeless existence) and someday we all return to dust until we are (hopefully) raised again by Christ on the last day. The hopeful part is where the ashes come in as they remind us to turn away from our dirt (sin) and get right (clean) with God!
*Only God can bless our dirty mess*

So why not make Dust Cake and have Conversation?
My kids loved it!
 *I posted the easy recipe details over at Catholic Cuisine*

Just A Few Fun Tidbits about Ash Wednesday To Share With Kids:

  • People have been using ashes as a sign of repentance since Old Testament times. Look it up! (Daniel 9:3-6)
  • Since Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent for Catholics, it's a time for us to stop and reflect upon our own walk with God and where we might have gotten off track.  For many of us, the ashes are an outward expression (and reminder) of our broken nature and the deep necessity for reconciliation (repentance) in order to be whole again.  
  •  Lent  is a Latin term for "Spring" to highlight our "rebirth" in Christ. 
  • For over 1200 years, faithful followers have received ashes on their foreheads in the shape of a cross. 
  • Remember those palm fronds from Palm Sunday last year? They were saved to be burned for this year's ashes.  They are burned, incensed, and blessed with holy water, using prayers that are thousands of years old.
And the best part...
Well, you know!
"Christ does not force our will, He takes only what we give Him. But He does not give Himself entirely until He sees we give ourselves entirely to Him."~St. Teresa of Avila~

[The Catholic Toolbox also has some good Ash Wednesday Resources for kids]
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