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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

School Endings...And Break Time!

It's the end of another school year and "break time" around our house!  Even though most of our children have been educated at home for the past 8 years, we have always taken a summer break.  Mostly, to be honest, because the teacher needs it!  I always seem to really need that summer break once May rolls around.
This year, I'm even taking a blogging break.  I just feel like it's one of those years that I have a lot of projects that I want to get done around the house and I really want to plan well as I start my 4th year of Kindergarten. Well, 5th, if you count my own:)  I'll only be educating 3 children at home next year (Grades K, 4, 6).  Then, we'll have 1 in our local high school and 1 in college.    I'm waiting until July to start my planning, as June will be devoted to house purging and projects:) If you are a homeschooler, when do you start planning?

We always try to close out the school year with some type of celebration.  This year, we had breakfast with Father M. after a Friday morning Mass and then headed to the lake for a little fun and R & R.
As a parent, it's one of the greatest blessings to have all of my kids together and witness them, as siblings, enjoying time together...
Of course they still bicker and the boys have their banter but I love it all the same!
College boy is happy to be home but NOT happy to find out he didn't get the job he wanted and hoped for!  Thankfully, he was able to scramble and get his old Lifeguarding position back after a quick recertification course. Whew!  A few humbling life lessons were learned right out of the shoot but he's we're thankful to have work:)  Needless to say, he's dreaming of his Semester in Rome coming up in August!

I'm hoping to do more of this in the summer days ahead.  Isn't it nice to just sit and ponder life and God's beauty?
There is NO cell reception here. 
Our future firefighter (above) just graduated from 8th grade!  He had been homeschooled {K-7} until this year.
Well, long-story-short, it's a personal story;)
 Regardless, we are SO proud of him as he begins his High School journey! (Same school as big brother)  
So I guess that makes me a "high school drop out" as far as homeschooling high school goes!?  
Even after 8 years, we still take one year, one child at a time...Always open and mindful of God's plan for our family.

Now for the littles I'll have at home...Not so "little any more!"
Princess here just finished 5th grade and excited for 6th grade next year! 6th grade?
My goodness, where has time gone?
I'm so impressed that she sewed this whole outfit herself!  I have zero patience for sewing so she's my hero:)  

She's one gal that has no trouble unplugging!

Super Dude just finished 3rd grade and on to 4th grade he goes!  He could take it or leave it but I love this grade...California History is my favorite subject for field trips!  It's going to be a fun year ahead:)
As for him, he's just rather play outside all day and try every sport known to man!  

And finally, our Angel Baby is starting Kindergarten...sniff, sniff.  I am honored to be her teacher.  Or should I say that I am honored that she's my teacher!?
She'll be a fun one!
Keeping me popping?
Hence the need for a peaceful, prayerful, and productive summer break!
See you soon:)


  1. what a great post, Tiffany. Can't believe your daughter's talents in sewing tht beautiful outfit. wow, Society needs to get our girls back to basics! cngratulations to your 8th grade graduate. i love your way of thinking -- one child ad one day at a time, all following God's plan. I hope you have a great summer and enjoy and relax and regenerate!

    1. Thanks, my friend! Hope you and your sweet family have a blessed summer:)

  2. SO glad to hear from you. Enjoy your full house and all of your projects! I have an idea for a meeting place- let me know if you head anywhere near Capitola (Sea Cliff, Santa Cruz,...). Maybe we could pop over and meet you. I think I've seen pics of you guys down that direction in the past. It will happen one day. :)

    1. That sounds good, Laurie! I'll keep you posted if plans emerge for Santa Cruz...Did I tell you my husband Rod's sister lives there? Have a wonderful summer and hope to meet you soon! God bless:)

  3. I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and feeling relaxed just reading your plans :) The pictures are lovely and so many thoughts go through my mind as I catch up on each of your darlings. But the big one? Little Miss sewing her own (and entire) outfit. Hot dog!!! Way to go!!! So impressed...make sure you tell her we said so. Enjoy the well-deserved time off of school, friend.

    1. I will be sure to relay to Miss G. your kind compliments. Thanks, Patty!

  4. Happy summer, Tiffany! I will miss you! May God bless you and your beautiful family! +JMJ+

    1. Thanks, Annita! Have a blessed summer and thank you for your kindred friendship:)

  5. I agree that it's good for a break and a chance to get caught up on all those projects around the house!! The housekeeping fairy doesn't visit your house either? I didn't realize that your second oldest wasn't homeschooled this year. Nothing wrong with being a high school dropout! It's more important to weigh the needs of each of our children. You're a great mom!

    1. Thanks so much for the affirmation, Jen. You don't know how much that lifted my spirit today! Sometimes in the Homeschooling world, it feels like failure if/when our kids go to school outside the home. At least I have felt that way. There are times when I have felt rejected for not homeschooling "all the way." I am learning to listen to God's plan for our family (With my husband, of course) and not everyone else's...It's very difficult in some circles! You are a great Mom too, my friend!

  6. Hope you enjoy your break with all your littles even your BIG littles :) I always take the entire month of June off and go to our local Catholic Homeschool Conference to help me get back motivated. It's good timing for me. Then plan plan plan in July :) Have fun and hope you guys do all your bucket list for the summer!
    God bless


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