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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lent and Easter Photo Journal~(2nd Half) +2014+

 Palm Sunday...Holy Week begins here!
Found these cute (and free) little guys on Pinterest and printed them on cardstock. (The site is in Spanish but it's not difficult to figure out;) They were a good "hands on" for the little one, helping her move Jesus on His journey through Jerusalem to Calvary.
Here is a link to my Holy Week Pinterest Board
Palms make a beautiful centerpiece:)
 Older kids were blessed to serve Palm Sunday Mass with our new Deacon, soon-to-be Priest
Rod and I made it to the Chrism Mass this year at the Cathedral...Put on our Lenten purple for the occasion:)
All of the Holy Oils were blessed and the priests of our diocese renewed their vows...Soul stirring!

 One of my favorite Holy Week projects this year was this...Super easy and printable crucifix to watercolor. I framed them and still have them up! Be sure to visit Do Small Things With Love:)

  Our church got a new altar, just in time for Easter!  It's hand carved and gorgeous!
 One of our favorite Lenten traditions is pretzel making to remind us of the importance of prayer during Lent.  The pretzel forms arms crossed in prayer.  We usually save it for Holy Week.  Read more about this ancient tradition here!

Look who else is ready for Easter...Our very own Easter "Benny"!
Holy Thursday...
Loved this Triduum printable!
(I printed on cardstock so it would stand up)
Also used it for or CCD class...Perfect.

This year we tried our hand at making unleavened bread for a Holy Thursday lunch.  Thanks to Lacy at Catholic Icing, it was a breeze!  The kids really enjoyed making it.


I'm cherishing the moments that my children still like to color...It's not very often that anyone but the 6 yo still likes to do it.  Yikes, the "younger" children are now getting "older!"  Three of them seemed to enjoy coloring The Last Supper this year.  I framed these too for keepsake purposes, knowing these days are fading fast!

Good Friday
(This cardstock printable is from the same site I first linked to for Palm Sunday at the beginning of this post)
We do our best to participate in our local Walk for Life on Good Friday each year...It always seems to set the right tone for the day...

AHG Girls represented at the Walk for Life!
Kids served Mass again on Good Friday...It was an honor that our family was able to serve so many times during Holy Week:)  The older boy is one of our dear family friends.

Our oldest son at home (far left) served Easter Vigil with his friends...They are here with Father getting ready. (Not expecting my candid camera!)  I enjoyed watching these older boys serve with such reverence!  What a good example they are up there.

The Easter altar always looks so fresh and clean with the Paschal Candle waiting to illuminate the lives of the newly baptized!  It was a beautiful Mass ringing in the JOY of Easter Sunday...

Alleluia, He is Risen and we are Easter people!

Sacrifice beans became jelly beans and the colors of new life burst forth!  Easter celebrations were in order:)

I had fun with Easter food this year, thanks to fun ideas being shared on Pinterest.  This was my Easter Food Board.

+Wishing everyone who might pass this way a beautiful and blessed Easter season...It's not over yet!+

Thank goodness I've posted many photos to my blog over the years...With our recent computer problems, finding old photos has been a heart ache!  Photo journals on the blog are good for my soul:)

Hence, for my personal records, First Half of Lenten Photo Journal 2014 linked here:)


  1. Okay, I was going to mention this on FB, but forgot until I saw it here...."oldest son home" is looking so grown up!! I'm mean like over night. And out of all of this, the thing that touched my heart the most, seeing the older altar servers just makes my heart leap with joy!!! The reverence young men show for the Mass, for the Eucharist, it brings such great hope to some of us older folks. :) All of your activities, amazing, Tiffany. You had quite a fruitful lent and such a lovely Easter Sunday. Hugs to you all!! And wishing you the happiest of mother's day!

    1. Patty~Yes, it's been "over night" for us too, just about! ;-) Thanks for stopping over for a visit and I wish you a wonderfully blessed summer!


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