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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Corpus Christi Mosaic Chalice Craft

I thought I'd share a fun craft idea for celebrating The Most Holy Body and Blood of Our Lord this weekend.   This feast day was the perfect opportunity to discuss the vessels that carry the Body and Blood of Christ, after the consecration.  I found this mosaic idea in a Bible Arts & Crafts Book that I love!  It has easy and fun crafts (with many patterns) that I have enjoyed using over the years. You could also use this craft during Holy Week (Holy Thursday and the institution of the Eucharist).
The Materials:
Plastic wine glasses (I bought from the Dollar Tree)
Tissue paper cut in 1 inch squares
Modge Podge  or white glue
Paint brush
~Then you just paint on the Modge Podge and place the tissue paper in a mosaic pattern~
I actually bought a couple of clear glasses and blue plastic glasses and we liked how the blue ones turned out the best!
To be honest, my boys were NOT interested in this craft. (Maybe it was their mood)  However, they loved playing the part of the priest when I made hosts out of vanilla wafers!
Much to our surprise, Army Dude, also an altar boy, had the consecration memorized!  What a little blessing that we discovered...He's only been an altar boy for about 18 months.
~This was a good opportunity for Princess to practice since she receives her 1st Communion next year~
These are the completed mosaic chalices...

As I mentioned above, I also think this would be a great 1st Communion or Last Supper Craft during Holy Week!
Let us rejoice in the Lord Jesus, our Bread of Life!


  1. GREAT idea! Will be doing this in our home this weekend! Thanks!

  2. Awesome idea!!! Love it!!! How did you get the clear cross on the wafer cookie??

  3. Awesome Idea!!! How did u get the clear cross topping on the wafer?