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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

St. Monica's "Sweet" Tears

Here I am, back to blog about what I really love to do...celebrate the feast days of the saints!  With our older kids not so keen about doing crafts or coloring much any more, I can still sneak in a saintly lesson (with food:)  Even the high school son was interested!
What's not to celebrate about a woman who persevered in prayer, through many tears, for her husband AND wayward son? Not to mention that her prayers were answered in a BIG way. Both Monica's husband and son (St. Augustine) eventually converted. Augustine's conversion is rather famous and he has been declared one of the greatest saints, prolific writers, and doctors of the Catholic Church...
Happy Feast of St. Monica!
I made these sweet "Tears of St. Monica" treats for our evening dessert and discussion about the back to back feasts of mother and son. (August 27 & 28)  It was nice to sit around the dinner table and talk about these 2 interesting heroes of the faith.  In our busy lives, it was worth the extra planning moments to make it happen!
Two easy ingredients...How can you beat that?
Crescent rolls and Nutella!  The treats represent the sweetness of God's grace, resulting from the sweat of Monica's prayers and tears.
I posted more details over at Catholic Cuisine.

These were super easy...Just spread and roll into the shape of teardrops!  
For a family of 6, we needed 2 rolls of Crescent dough...Big hit!
Prayer to conclude our dessert:
Exemplary Mother of the Great Augustine,
You perseveringly pursued your wayward son
Not with threats but with prayerful cries to heaven.
Intercede for all mothers in our day
So that they may learn to draw their children to God.
Teach them how to remain close to their children,
Even the prodigal sons and daughters who have sadly gone astray.
Dear St. Monica, troubled wife and mother,
many sorrows pierced your heart during your lifetime.
Yet, you never despaired or lost faith.
With confidence, persistence, and profound faith,
you prayed daily for the conversion
of your beloved husband, Patricius,
and your beloved son, Augustine;
your prayers were answered.
Grant me that same fortitude, patience, and trust in the Lord.
Intercede for me, dear St. Monica,
that God may favorably hear my plea.
(Mention your intentions here)
Grant me the grace to accept His Will in all things,
through Jesus Christ, our Lord,
in unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever.
May the hope of St. Monica be with us all!
On a side note, St. Monica's tomb and her relics are currently venerated at the church of San Agostino in Rome!  It was on my bucket list for my recent trip there, but I just couldn't swing it.  Darn, guess I need to go back;-) 

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