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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finding Holiness at the Dollar Tree

Today I ran to the Dollar Tree to pick up 1 thing..."Yea right!"  Well, it ended up being 10 or 12 things because I found a few holy treasures that I couldn't pass up!  In these tough economic times, I just love when I find holiness in the simple places.  It just made me smile to find Our Lady of Guadalupe prayer cards hanging on an end cap, hidden among the gift bags.  There she was, peeking out from the pile of bags with that lovely smile on her face.  Wow, 25 prayer cards for a $1.00 is an amazing gift.  

At first I thought maybe I'd save the Patroness of the Americas for a feast day craft project in December.  But somehow it feels like I need to share that sweet smile with others, maybe pay it forward.  I like to carry holy cards in my purse.  When we come across a homeless person or someone in need, it's the perfect gift to pass on.  Then there's our Little Flowers group...Hmmm, I only bought one pack so maybe I'll go back to get one more!

So I thought I'd share a few other treasures for those of you who love a holy bargain and who may have Dollar Trees near you!
Check out these cute little boxes for 1.00!
~They're the perfect holy card size~
You could make a lovely little holy card holder or rosary box with a little paint and Modge Podge!
We thought these also might be great gifts or craft project for the Feast of St. Anne and Joaquim that's coming up.
I just loved these holy crown foam wands!
A pack of 3 for $1.00
~Right away, I thought of Christ the King and Mary, Queen of Heaven~
I also have a Princess birthday girl coming up in September so these might come in handy!
These were magnetic list pads with beautiful designs and scripture quotes.  These make perfect gifts to have on hand.  I'm giving a little shower for a friend getting married so I'll be using these for favors.  These were $1.00 each.  I also picked one up for each of our Grandmas to give on the Feast of St. Anne, our heavenly Grandma!
This photo didn't turn out very well but it's the back of the holy cards of Our Lady of Guadalupe. (Pictured above) I loved that the top of the prayer card is in English and the bottom is translated into Spanish.
Well, that's about it.  I spent more than a $1.00 but I didn't break the bank!  Holiness can be found all around us, even at the Dollar Tree.


  1. lovely. and great buys. We've got Family Dollar and Dollar General. Now I'm on the hunt for Dollar Tree b/c those other stores don't carry Catholic items -- except I did find some great Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Guadalupe Candles in the tall glass in one of the stores. the crowns are great -- you've got some good uses planned.

  2. I have found very amazing Faith items at the dollar store too. Good to use for reward for CCD students or for favors at Baptisms, 1st communion and Confirmation.

  3. What a great buy! I liked your idea of the Rosary box for the feast of St Joaquin and St Ann!

  4. Oh My! Why didn't I see this earlier? I just went to town and probably won't be going back until Thursday. I REALLY want to look for those wooden boxes and prayer cards!! Thanks for the heads up! We have a huge Dollar Tree here!

  5. Hi Tiffany
    Sadly, we don't have Dollar Tree here but we have, I guess, its equivalent - the Pound Shop. However,and again sadly, they don't carry any religious items. At least I have never seen any on my not infrequent visits to the Pound Shop. Anyway, I am very pleased you got some great buys and I am very impressed with your suggested uses of them. Thanks for an entertaining post and God bless you.

  6. Thanks for the fun comments everyone! Hope you can all find some treasures in your areas. Alicia~ hope you can find some boxes and cards. Keep us posted! God Bless;-)

  7. What a great find!! I think a trip to Dollar Tree is in my near future :)
    Many Blessings

  8. I recently found two gorgeous pictures of Mary at Dollar Tree. They are framed and hanging in my living room. Who would have ever guessed that we could be spiritually lifted up at the dollar store!


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