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Monday, October 29, 2012

All Souls Family Prayer Candle

I'm sharing this very easy liturgical craft to remember all of our loved ones who have gone before us, especially those in the last year.
With All Souls Day coming up this week and November being the month dedicated to the Holy Souls in purgatory, how about making an All Souls Family Prayer Candle?

The idea is to write the names of all of your loved ones on the candle to remember all through the month (and beyond) in your family's prayers.  Each time you light the candle during family prayer time, or just keep it burning, you offer your remembrance.
Materials needed, plus stickers (optional):
I found that the gold paint pen did not show up very well...We used the black sharpie for the names to stand out. 

 Even the children can help write the names!...
There's plenty of room to include several names all the way around the candle and you may choose to add names to it each year.
I like that it's easy to move around the house!
You can place it on a mantel or a prayer table/home altar if you have one:)
It would also make an appropriate center piece for your dinner table to include in your meal time prayers.
+May all of your prayers fly to greet the souls of your loved ones on the wings of peace and guide you and your family to consolation, healing and strength+
~Lord, please hear our prayers~


  1. Thank you for sharing this great idea. I hope to be able to pick up a plain glass candle today. Have a great week!

  2. Lovely candle! I love all candle crafts.

  3. You know I love your ideas, friend! Sounds perfect! I am in charge of our all saints party this weekend. I could add a twist and supply each family with one of the candles and they could make their own all souls candles to take you have my wheels turning! :)

  4. I love that Tiffany! I purchased a few candles like this to decorate, but haven't yet. This is perfect- meaningful yet simple enough to just sit down and make it. Thanks! :)

    Hope your college boy is doing well!!

  5. awesome idea. We shall do this!! thanks for sharing.

  6. another great idea and so simple, my favorite kind of craft!!

  7. Wonderful! I am most definitely picking up a candle tomorrow. I wish I had seen your post earlier! God bless, Annita

  8. I'm so glad this idea is useful for remembering our loved ones in prayer! Thank you all for the feedback...I never take it for granted:)

  9. Tiffany-Would you be interested in linking this up with my All Souls' post? I know lots of people would love to hear about your ideas!


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