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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Immaculate Heart of Mary Wreath

Since the month of August is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart, I decided to make another liturgical wreath in honor of Our Lady!  The first liturgical wreath I tried was back in June for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  I had fun making them both...
Here are a few photos and easy steps for the Immaculate Heart Wreath.
~O Mary Immaculate, inflame our hearts with one ray of burning love of thy pure heart~
~I started with a foam heart base and used tacky glue to secure some green moss~
The styro wreath was only $3.99 @ our local craft store(Beverly's Fabric)
Then I added some silk flowers...but switched to using hot glue.
What a blessing that all floral stems are 50% off right now!
Be sure to hot glue a piece of greenery across the middle (see photo above)  to serve as a base for the roses!
The entire project cost $19.00
~I thought this was a pretty good deal~
You may even be able to find supplies at a dollar store and cut the cost a bit more...
~This is a close up photo, prior to hanging~
I thought about hanging it indoors!
But then I decided to add a ribbon hangar and display it on our front door for the month...
I can always move it inside later on!

**We just might have to revisit a previous post and make another Immaculate Heart Cake**


  1. Lovely! I am going to have to make one my family!

  2. just beautiful. (Just like the Sacred Heart wreath you did in June). I love that you chose blue flowers for the wreath and the pink and white flowers to encircle the heart. the beautiful little wisps around the heart are just lovely. You've inspired me to do one too!

  3. Beautiful creation. I don't think you can have ever again say that you're "craft challenged." You have wonderful ideas and more importantly, you put them into action.
    God Bless - Lena
    PS I like the addition of the craft costs.

  4. Love it! I might make one of these myself :-) You rock!

  5. Beautiful! I am so going to copy you! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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