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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What To Do With A Toddler?

One of the most popular questions that I get asked about homeschooling is "What do you do with your toddler?"  Well, the question should really be worded: "What does our toddler do with us?"  I am laughing because this could have lots of meanings!

I also say this because I have had the opportunity of homeschooling with toddlers from the very beginning of our "calling" to this endeavor.  I must admit that it did stress me out in the early years.  But this year I barely gave it much thought to have our 2-year-old among us. (She wasn't walking at the beginning of our last school year)  Of course I am going into this year knowing that it will be challenging at times but for the most part I know it will be a joy to have a little one along side and to watch her mind develop so quickly.  Here are a few photos of our first 2 weeks:
Nothing like having Daddy for a play mate once in awhile!
Playing the Cootie game was a hit!
~Big sister joined in on a little break~
We discovered that Angel Baby would rather build than color!
~This is right up 1st Grade Brother's alley!~
It has worked well for all of us to rotate offering a little time with our blooming toddler.  
~Each sibling rotates spending time with Angel Baby so Mom can have individual time with other children~
I rarely get complaints since they get a break to do a fun activity!
Then I get my own time with our precious toddler for story time and other "as needed" situations.
This is Angel Baby's ALL TIME FAVORITE!
~I filled up the bathroom sink with dish soap bubbles and she played for at least 30 minutes!~
Having fun with a big empty box is always a treat!
~Playing the piano with biggest brother is the best! Witnessing our 16-year-old play with a 2 year-old  always touches my heart~
This is one of those special moments....
A picture is definitely worth a thousand words...
So that's a day-in-the-life of our toddler!


  1. I love these pictures! I too have the kids rotate through with each other in the afternoon so I can do one on one time - except I do get complaints!! We are working on that. Thanks for the reminder about the water in the sink, that is always a hit :) Blessings

  2. You can tell that she is loved! We also take turns with the youngest. This year, he is the pre-schooler, so he is in school more than out of school. He always enjoys that one-on-one playtime.

  3. what a little sweetheart she is, and no doubt learning so much from her other siblings. an excellent arrangement you have to have the older kids rotate and spend time with the little one. our daughters are ery similar. the empty carboard box and the sink full of water occupy alot of time here. and we love that cootie game too. we lost the die but we play without it!


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