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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advent Anticipation

This was the cutest children's Nativity play set that I have seen in a long time!
Now that might seem a bit dramatic...
Maybe it's just revealing my age since it brought back my own childhood memories.
Charlie Brown's Christmas was one of the long awaited and favorite Christmas television shows at our house. This was back in the day before they had VHS or DVD movies, of course.
We had to "wait" for the Christmas shows to be aired and couldn't just watch the movies whenever we felt like it.  I can vividly remember the anticipation of waiting for our favorite Christmas shows.
It reminds me how we try to create that anticipation for ourselves and our families with 
Advent right now.

I found this little Peanuts Nativity set at our local CVS and I just couldn't resist it.
We gave it to the children to "share" as a St. Nicholas Feast Day surprise.
It warmed my heart to watch and listen to the children recreate the Nativity, using the 
Charles Schultz Peanuts characters.
Even though Charlie Brown is nothing close to Jesus and Lucy is certainly no Mary...
Ummm, well neither are we.
Our fallen nature is also a vital part of Advent as we examine our consciences in this preparation and anticipation.
(Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool has some wonderful reconciliation resources, by the way)
Our children may not have to wait for their favorite Christmas show to air, but they still join us in anticipation, waiting with joyful hope for the coming of Our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ...
Past, Present, and Future,
in the beautiful spirit and season of Advent.


  1. Children these days have so many more amenities and opportunities than we did as youth. I too grew up without videos and such. we waited for the Rudolph movie and the Charlie Brown Christmas movie every Advent. Now, I just pop in the movie whenever my daughter wants to watch it. But yes, still, we teach them to wait patiently for Jesus' birthday. Love the peanuts nativity set.

  2. That is adorable! I want one. :) We have a Charlie Brown tree complete with red ball ornament and a little ornament that gives "the speech" when you press a button- I also have those same childhood memories. The worst was when you missed the show! That is a great feast day surprise.

  3. This is adorable! We have the Charlie Brown Christmas show as well. Do you remember how Butternut bread use to carry the Peanut's stickers inside their loaves at Christmas time? I always offered to walk the four blocks on a cold, winter afternoon to the convenient store when Mom asked for bread. That way I knew I'd be the first to get those stickers out of the loaf of bread.

  4. I love this set! I will have to check out our local CVS ~ this is my husband's favorite Christmas special. Well, we are definitely revealing our ages as we remember life w/o VHS or DVD, LOL!!!

  5. I saw this too Tiff, and almost bought it! I am glad you did. It is so cute...I may have to make a return trip to CVS :)

  6. Super cute! Who doesn't love that story, and Linus' amazing speech about the meaning of Christmas! Wish more shows were like that today!

  7. I almost bought this at CVS!
    I am holding out for a sale on the Little People Nativity Set.
    Wishing you a Blessed Advent Season!


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