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Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

~A Mighty Miter Cake to celebrate St. Nicholas,
Bishop of Myra~
Happy Feast Day!

I am certainly not a cake decorator so this was very simple!
~I have posted the tutorial over at Catholic Cuisine~
We used our family's favorite carrot cake so next year we want to make a white miter with cream cheese frosting and gold trim!  We can't wait to dig in...I am making everyone wait 
until after lunch.  

I just love feast days because I seem to learn a little something new each year!
Reading a long with my children, I was amazed how much St. Nicholas had to endure in his life...His life was a roller coaster of suffering and perseverance, resulting in holiness and love that has survived the tides of the ages.
My heart connected to this, soaking in the peace that Advent truly does bring.
This is the beauty of our faith...It is eternal and never-ending.

I am also fascinated with the different images of St. Nicholas that have evolved in different countries over the years.  The St. Nicholas Center is an amazing website to explore! 
My husband's Dad grew up in Holland so we have a fond affection for the image of the Dutch St. Nicholas.  We hang the image of him over our home altar, starting today!
My husband's mother made us this beautiful St. Nicholas out of ceramics a few years ago...I love it because it is painted with the Advent colors of Christ's royalty!
The children followed the tradition of placing their shoes out last night...Lo and behold, they received a few treats.
I was most excited about the little nativity toys that were found at our local Catholic Book Store because...they GLOW IN THE DARK!  The kids are so excited to place them on their bedroom shelves tonight!  (What a bargain too...I think they were 50 cents!)

I hope this Prayer of St. Nicholas will bless your day!  

We call upon
Your mercy, O Lord.
Through the intercession
of St. Nicholas,
keep us safe amid all dangers
so that we may go forward
without hinderance
on the road to salvation.


  1. what an appropriate prayer for you and your family today! I love the miter cake. beautiful. sometimes I can find some really cute inexpensive things at my Catholic bookstore too (Our Dollar Tree store has nothing Catholic). Happy Feast of St. Nick!

  2. Love your 'mighty miter' cake! :) lol

  3. have a blessed feast day and a peace & joy filled advent.
    pax Christi - lena

  4. Tiffany, you did a great job with that miter cake!! Did you cut it yourself? It was very creative!! I have never seen a Sn Nicholas in purple, it really looks appropiate for Advent! God bless!!

  5. Oh my goodness! That cake is amazing! I, too, love the different images of St. Nick that have evolved through the years. What a treasure to have the one that your MIL painted. I have one that my sister painted one year. It sits on our school desk this season. Enjoy our cake...wish I was there having some, too.

  6. I saw your post at Catholic Cuisine and that answers my question about the cake!! Thank you for your comment as well! I wish I could comment more, but I can't find the time! I love to read your blog, I always find wonderful meditations and ideas!!
    As for our Lady of Guadalupe, yes, we had the blessing to go with my children three years ago. Unfortunately, we can't find our pictures! It would be nice to see yours!!
    Have you tried to use the translaor button I have in the blog?
    Have a blessed Advent!!

  7. Oh my, I love this cake and can't wait to show it to our resident "cake boss". Jacob will love this! We will definitely add it to our Advent/Christmas notebook for next year. Great job!!

  8. Wonderful blog! Is the mold for the ceramic "Advent" St. Nicholas available?
    God Bless! -- Mark


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