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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Small Steps For Life

7th Annual West Coast Walk For Life
~San Francisco~
*January 22, 2011*

God is Good...Therefore, Life Is Good!
Thought I'd share some photos of our Walk For Life~San Francisco.  God provided a glorious sunny day for us to make "life" matter.  It was a privilege to be one of the chaperones for 10 High School youth from our parish, which included my oldest son.  
~Our Parish Group Family...
Taking a few small steps for LIFE~
Some amazing speakers inspired all 50,000+ of us to take action...If not today, when?
 {38th Anniversary of Roe-vs-Wade}
Including Author and Pro-Life Warrior, Abby Johnson.
Have you heard this incredible story?  It's amazing!  Abby, once "Planned Parenthood Employee Of The Year" is now a leading Pro-Life advocate.
Please pray for her coming into the Catholic Church this Easter!
Be sure to purchase her new book, UnPlanned from Ignatius Press.  (It may be 'out of stock' but they are accepting orders with another round of books to be shipped soon) An Amazon review reveals that the Amazon version is abridged and leaves out her conversion to the Catholic faith.

Just loooooved this beanie!
Some awesome sights and SIGNS!  
~Mama Mary with us all the way, Protectress of the Unborn~
2.5 Miles a long the Embarcadero... 
Down by the San Francisco Bay!
(Bay Bridge to our right)
I am inspired with each small step.
Mighty love and peace surround us...
God's mercy shines like a beacon of light!
All around, He shows us {despite our fallen humanity} the way to perfect joy and freedom.
With each year I attend, I am more in awe by the young people...
Hands down, our future generation is
HOPE at its best!
There are no words to express the witnessing of thousands of young people walking for life.
It truly knocks your socks off!
They have more conviction than I could have dreamed of at their age.

I am humbled,
I am nothing,
I am grateful.

This was the most beautiful part of the walk along the waterfront...
Can you see the stream of people AND the famous Ghirardelli Chocolate sign in the background?
Almost near the end...
Up one more hill!
Top of the hill...
This photo didn't turn out well for faces but you can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background!
Bridge to bridge, it was a beautiful day to soak up God's glorious creation all around us...
Just a few small steps for life.
We praise Him because He created our inmost being.  He knit us together in our mother's womb.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made!
~Psalm 139:14~
"We may be but a drop in the ocean...
But the ocean would be a drop less without our participation.
Just one person at a time,
one day at a time,
doing little things with great love...
If not you, who?
If not today, when?
For me and you, let it be now."
~Mother Teresa~

Be sure to visit Tracy at Slice of Smith Life for a view of Walk For Life, East Coast!


  1. I saw San Fran on EWTN!!! Way to go!!! They had some amazing speakers!!! My mom is a widow and went on a pro life march last night, drove herself to the county seat and it was close to zero degrees. I told her how proud of her I was! It was her first one.

  2. Beautiful pics of the walk, 40,000 people? amazing!! God Bless you and your son for taking the time to do such an amazing thing :)

  3. Thank you for walking, thank you for the pictures...God Bless your family and all the families that stand up for Life

  4. I have missed it the last two years. But I am hoping to gather a group from my parish for next year's march. My prayers were with you all Saturday. And also with the youth at Washington D.C. I live in the Bay Area. I am glad to have met through blogger. I love your door wreaths.

  5. OH HOW WONDERFUL!!!! I have chills!
    I especially love the "Roe has been saved and is now pro-life" sign! Praise God!
    I whole-heartedly agree with you about our young people being the HOPE of the future...I too admire the strength of their conviction to defend life at such young ages!
    Thanks so much for marching Tiffany and for sharing your beautiful parish family with us!

  6. you're glorifying God in a great way. so humbling. we must pray for those souls and their mothers.

  7. Wonderful! My dd was at that march too. She was awed.

  8. Thank you Tiffany for sharing the West Coast walk for Life! I enjoyed this post very much and it looked like a blessed and beautiful day for sure! Thank you for the link to Abby's book, Unplanned. I will need to share this on my blog soon! I also loved the beanie and all the signs that you took pictures of! Our Lady of Guadalupe, "Civil Rights for All" and "Real Men Defend Life"...LOVE it! Also, Psalm 139 is such a beautiful verse. If you don't mind, I would like to link up this post to my blog to share with others. God bless!

  9. Hi Tiffany!
    I really enjoyed your post about the WC March for Life! I just linked your post up to my blog post here:

    Thanks for sharing your awesome experience!
    God bless!


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