Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Blessing

Our Angel Baby is 3!
{Her birthday was last Friday and I'm just now posting some photos for my records!}
Named after our Blessed Mother 
"Hail Mary, full of grace, please pray for us and this sweet girl who carries your holy name."
Can you tell she was sick with a fever?
But still smiling, bless her heart.
We had to cancel grandparents coming for birthday dessert because of fevers and flus (sad face).  But we made the best of things and still had a festive celebration.  That's the thing with big families...It still seemed like a "party" with all seven of us showering the birthday princess with love!
She picked out everything in "pink" and "princess"!
She loved these pretty pink cinnamon rolls that we made.
(Idea, courtesy of Lacy from Catholic Icing)
Though her appetite wasn't the best, other family members helped her out!
Presents to unwrap gave the birthday girl some fun things to do on a sick day!
Always in the mood to play "dress up" with a new skirt and cute pair of shoes!
Can you tell she's our "character?"
"Be merry, really merry.  The life of a true Christian should be a perpetual jubilee, a prelude to the festivals of eternity."~St. Theophane Venard~
Cupcakes closed out the day...chocolate with pink vanilla frosting! (Yum)
Happy Birthday to our pretty pink princess!
She enjoyed licking the frosting from her princess, even though she didn't feel like eating her cupcakes until the next day.
I think she had a great day!

"Out of gratitude and love for Him, we should desire to be reckoned fools.  Laugh and grow strong."
~St. Ignatius Loyola~


  1. Happy Birthday to your Princess! The cupcakes do look delicious!!

  2. Really cute! I love her all dressed up! My little princess will be three this coming June. She, too, is named after Our Lady... Marin Faith (rhymes with Karen). Bittersweet for me, though, as I fear she may be our last... getting old! +JMJ+

  3. beautiful baby girl and birthday celebration.
    Deo gratias!

  4. Happy birthday to that beautiful young princess. I LOVED her shades:) Two thumbs up on the cin. rolls...those are my absolute favorite. So glad she still had a wonderful day.

  5. She is a beautiful daughter and namesake of Our Lady. I love her pose with the skirt and shoes and those sporty sweet with the three candles on each lens. Beautiful cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and all that princessy pink-ness !

  6. That tu-tu pic is just cahrayzee cute!


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