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Monday, February 28, 2011

Seeking the Sacred in Secular Decor

We are preparing for Lent in many ways around our house.
As for me, I'm always looking for ways to do a little "liturgical decorating," ever seeking the sacred in secular decor, especially on a budget!

I found these items in the Target Dollar Section:
~A mini styrofoam Easter egg wreath and
alphabet stickers~
I used the stickers to spell out the 3 main components of Lent:
~Pray, Fast, Almsgiving~
(The stickers were not very sticky so I had to pull out my glue gun)
There are many things you could probably do with this cute little wreath but I decided to use it for a Lenten Candle Ring.  
I just love how a secular decoration can quickly be transformed into something a little more sacred.
+I tried to stick with purple, being the liturgical color of Lent+
I had a round platter on hand and added purple Easter grass (from the Dollar Tree);
 Then I placed the Lenten candle ring down on top of the grass.
The final touch was a purple jar candle that I already had on hand for the center.
May God Bless your own Lenten Preparations!
**May you let your little light shine this Lenten Season...**
And may you find little sacred treasures a long the way. ~ Catholic Crafts and more!


  1. Great project for Lent! Love your "liturgical decorating" :)

  2. Brilliant idea! I like the idea of the sacred in the secular. Great way to think of it!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I hope the calendar is a blessing to your family!

  3. Adorable. I always love your ideas.

  4. Genius Catholic MOM! I have a "natural" idea I have to post soon. You are an craft wizard inspiration! =)

  5. this is a beautiful sacred treasure Tiffany. you have such fabulously liturgical ideas!!! thanks for sharing.

  6. Very pretty Tiffany! The sack cloth addition is perfect! You are a liturgical decorator extraordinaire!


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