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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lenten Countdown

"Create In Us A Clean Heart, O God"

~This is our Family Lenten Journey Motto~
We created this tri-fold calendar to help us count down the 40 days of Lent and to remind us of our promises to grow closer to Jesus.  When I use the word "Journey," it is not to imply a walk in the park or something easy.  We thought it represented a road or path that we must take, with bumps and bruises a long the way...Of Course!  The Journey to Bethlehem comes to mind and the suffering that beheld that particular journey for the Holy Family.  Not to say that our journey will be anything close to THAT journey.  We pray it will be a meaningful practice of moving forth with sacrifice in heart, mind, and soul~A true journey.
"The more we become empty of ourselves, the more we will be able to be filled with God."
~Blessed Mother Teresa~

We just purchased this tri-fold at the Dollar Tree and used purple (Color of Lent) sticky notes to mark the days.  
Note:  Depending on the size of your tri-fold, you "may" have to trim the sticky notes.
We marked the calendar dates in the corners and the days of Lent (#1-40) circled and highlighted in the center.  We thought this would help the younger children to see both the date and the Lenten number for that day.  Here is a close-up photo:
Then we added some special saints and feast days that we will be celebrating.  I had this sticker album on hand that I hadn't used yet.  I photo copied the stickers to use for our Lenten Calendar.
At our Lenten Team Huddle, we came up with our family spiritual goals for Prayer, Fast, and Almsgiving.  We listed our plans on the sides of the board.
As we peel off the stickers, there are actions to be taken and also a "secret message" to be revealed at the end of the 40 days.
The days prior to Holy Week reveal flowers, or blossoms, like our new lives that we have created and fragrant gifts we have given to God, who has given everything to us.
"God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son."
~John 3: 16~
When all the notes are peeled off for Holy Week...
It will reveal this!
I pray that we are ready for our Lenten Journey, not just on paper... but most importantly in our hearts and souls.
Note:  I am happy to send the list of things to do under our sticky notes.  I have not yet taken the time to learn how to upload documents to share!  If you'd like the list, just drop me an e-mail.
{A Lenten Checklist is coming soon!}

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  1. and you said you weren't very artsy craftsy! this is beautiful Tiffany. i lovelove the idea of your family huddle, meant to mention that when you posted about it earlier. your giving plans, and prayers and fasting plans are wonderful. I love the alendar. so unique and the things you do each day are so spirit-filled. what a lesson your children are learning ! also your family altar is lovely. The picture of St. Joseph and his holy cards are just great. blessings for a blessed lent.

  2. Dear Tiffany,
    I love the fold out with all the things to remember as well as the countdown for the days,
    Yes I would be interested in you list under the sticky tabs, is my email.
    I am still working on my plans yet, lookiin gthrough my posts and books for ideas for this year

  3. This looks great! I love the sticky note idea :)

  4. What a fantastic idea! I would love you to send me more details so I can do the same. I am new to all of this as I am only at the very first stage of becoming Catholic. God Bless

  5. i love this interactive cal. please send me your prayer intentions.
    pax - lena

  6. @ fairycakegirl~Please send me your e-mail and I would be happy to send the list;-) Thanks to everyone for the kind and generous comments, praying this project will be helpful to others!

  7. Beautifully done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Tiffany, I found your blog from Nancy's blog - Be Not Afraid and came over to say hello. From your comment section, I was excited to see familiar faces.

    Your lenten calendar is a wonderful visual and hands on learning experience for your children. A fabulous idea! I'm wondering if I can get that done by Ash Wednesday...hmmm.. I wish I had found your blog sooner but I'm happy I did now.

    I've been blessed these last couple of months meeting Catholic blogging moms who have inspired me to grow and deepen my faith. May God continue to bless your blog!

  9. HI Tiffany,
    Thanks for all the great ideas. I would love to see what things you are doing each day on your calendar. Here is my email:
    May your Lent be blessed,
    Robyn in GA

  10. Yay! I love your site and your calendar idea. Found it just in time for our family Lent prep tonight. Thank you and God bless!

  11. I would love to have a list of what you put under the sticky notes.

  12. Please email me your list too! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

  13. I love the calendar and would love the list from under the sticky notes as well.
    Thank you,

  14. I hope I answered all the e-mails that were sent! If I forgot anyone, please let me know. God Bless your Lenten Journeys!

  15. I know this post is from last year, but I'm hoping you're still willing to email your calendar notes I would really appreciate it: God bless your Lent. Teresa


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