Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Friday, September 23, 2011

Framable Moments

Feast of St. Padre Pio
Stigmata (Rice Krispy) Snacks~A family tradition to celebrate one of our favorite saints!

It's the end of a week that held a few framable moments...

The sun comes up behind Our Lady of Fatima at our Parish Shrine.
It was a blessing to be out for a morning walk and capture these photos.
I think I'm going to have some cards made!

Our oldest son passed his Eagle Board!  
This was definitely one of those Hallelujah moments in life...
Now on to plan the Eagle Court of Honor and Ceremony.
Loved this photo of all our boys in uniform!

I snuck a quick photo of our Superboy doing his school work...
I thought it was hilarious with his gun by his side!  Now that's a boy for ya...Never mind those crayons:)

And a final thought from St. Padre Pio:
"Live calmly and do not worry excessively, because in order to work more freely in us, the Holy Spirit needs tranquility and calm.  And for you, every anxious thought is a mistake, as you have no reason to fear.  It is the Lord who works within you and you must do nothing except leave the door of your heart wide open so that he might work as He pleases."


  1. Love those photos of Our Lady!! Really neat!

    Also love that gun true!!

  2. beautiful photos Tiffany! I think your scouts look very handsome in their uniforms! :) I also loved the gun picture, who knows what evil lurks at the dinner table during math....;)

  3. My boy has taken to suddenly saying "ROAR" in the middle of his work. Man, they are a whole different breed, aren't they? :-)

    What a great snack idea...wish I'd have looked at your blog yesterday!

    Fabulous photos of Our Lady - make sure to show us how the cards turn out!

  4. Hi Tiffany,
    I love the quote by Padre Pio. Looks like your family had a fun snack to celebrate his feast day. Congrats on your son's achievement of earning Eagle rank! That's an enormous accomplishment of work and dedication. You must be so proud!

    I also thought, that's years and years of selling popcorn, wreaths and pancake breakfast tickets!!

  5. So much- great snack!, congrats on Eagle Scout (I know that is a big, big deal from when a dear friend of ours accomplished his), the pictures... breathtaking!, and guns- I did not know that school could be done without them ;).

    Great quote too!

  6. I love all of St. Pio's quotes. they are so wonderful and inspiring. Your krispy treats are adorable. Congrats to your eldest son on his honor! and the brothers are following in his footsteps it looks like. Your man-crew look very distinguished! Happy Feast of St. padre Pio!

  7. What a beautiful post and beautiful and yummy snack. Thank you for sharing this Tiffany! I especially enjoyed the pictures of the Blessed Mother with the sun breaking in. Breath taking! God bless as always.

  8. Hi Tiffany!!

    I wante to tell you that we made the rice crispis hand for St PAdre Pio and my kids enjoyed!!
    Hey, also I wanted to invite you to the Link Up Party for the Rosary, stop by!!


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