Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Saw Mary...A Birthday Picnic

Our Little Flowers and Blue Knights group held a birthday picnic last week, in honor of Our Lady.  
We first gathered in prayer...

 The Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary was prayed, followed by a small procession around our Fatima shrine, praying a decade of the Rosary.

Birthday balloons followed and white of course!
(Blue for Mary's color and white for her purity)
We wanted to give Mama Mary a gift since she gave us the best gift ever...Jesus, God's only Begotten Son!
We closed our eyes and thought about how we could give Jesus to others, just as Mary did.
We silently thought about ways to do this through our love, compassion, care, forgiveness, and acts of charity....Knowing that when we can be mirrors of Jesus, we become true children of Mary and God Himself.
Then we released our balloons to the heavens...
Happy Birthday Mother Mary!
It was fun to watch them disappear...
A picnic followed our little ceremony...Here I saw Mary.

I saw Mary... in the sacrifices of the Mothers who brought their little ones to her in multiples!  Leading their children closer to Jesus, through Mary, they came despite the hardship that it takes to get several children dressed, out the door, in the car, lunch packed, etc, etc.

I saw Mary...smiling through the wombs of pregnant Mamas.  Their "yes" to God shines through their example.

I saw Mary... in the voices of Moms who are preparing for older children to leave the nest...Some for the first time and others for the second and third time.  Despite the pain in their hearts, they know that God's plan for their children is His and not theirs.   Just as Mary watched Jesus leave for His public ministry, they wonder and wait too...and it still hurts.

I saw Mary... in the women who helped each other with one another's children, even while juggling their own, including babies in their womb.  The visitation was reenacted as hands reached out and little acts of charity prevailed.

The afternoon ended with Mary's Birthday cake!
A Hail Mary was prayed as each candle was lit!
(10 candles on each cake, representing a decade of the Rosary)
All ages gathered around to pray and sing Happy Birthday to our Heavenly Mother!
I saw Mary today... in the desires of many hearts to be closer to her Son.


  1. Beautiful celebration and reflections. I love the balloon send off.

    I saw Mary.... in fellow Catholic bloggers who share their faith journey and family for all to be inspired--to grow closer to Our Heavenly Father.


  2. This is so beautiful, Tiffany. Those children, through their mothers, are learning the importance and sheer joy of loving Mary. what a blessing. love your cakes. And your bagels with blueberries must have been a tasty celebration of Mary!! God bless.

  3. What a beautiful celebration indeed! I really must remember this for next year. Maybe our LF/LW and BK will want to share this idea as one big group like you did.


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