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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas~10 Simple Ideas!

The Feast of St. Nicholas has become a well-loved celebration in our home!  The real person behind Santa Claus always warms our hearts, especially mine:)  The true kindness and generosity that St. Nicholas represents gives purpose and truth to our Advent journey and life of faith.  Here was a real man who was wealthy beyond measure and he chose to give it all away.  Oh how I would love to do that!  I always get carried away with the desire to do big things like St. Nicholas was able to do.  But wait, we're just the working poor with barely enough income to provide for our family.  How are we to do such things?  I always have to remind myself that maybe we can still be like St. Nicholas (and other saints too) in small ways...maybe kinder words to my children, a note to someone in need or a smile to a stranger...Regardless, I enjoy the little jump-start that St. Nicholas provides to my heart and that of my family's in this second week of our Advent season... 
Dear sweet St. Nicholas, thank you for leading us to closer to Bethlehem!

Here are 10 simple ways to celebrate the JOY of this marvelous Saint!

1.  Holy Mass

2.  Celebrating the tradition of giving gold coins in shoes, just as St. Nicholas gave to those in need...
This year our children received the Playmobil St. Nicholas figures and the Nativity set to share:)  I think the price has gone up on Amazon for the St. Nicholas toys.  I believe we only paid $3.99 when I ordered back in October.  It might be worth the wait to order them off-season or check at the Playmobil site directly.
I found these "arms crossed in prayer" candy canes at Cost Plus World Market.  They don't take the place of our Bishop's Crozier Candy Canes but I thought they were perfect for Advent, just like Lent!

3. Giving in the spirit of St. Nicholas...This year we wrote cards for the troops: Holiday Mail for Heroes, sponsored by the American Red Cross.  It's not too late to participate...Cards must be post marked by December 9th.

4. Crafting St. Nicholas...
We just printed these St. Nicholas Roll-Ups from the (generous) St. Nicholas Center, colored, and stapled to toilet paper tubes~Easy peasie!  We have our eye on some other neat St. Nicholas figures to make next year:)  The St. Nicholas Center really has everything you need to celebrate this great saint!

5. Feasting in honor of St. Nicholas...This was our 2nd Annual Mighty Miter cake!  I posted directions over at Catholic Cuisine where you will find many other feasting ideas.
Dear husband has the patience for the precision cuts...This is his "baby":0
I tease that being a cake decorator might be his 2nd calling:)  I'm sure the guys at the fire department would have fun with that!

6. Reading about St. Nicholas...
The Saint Who Became Santa Claus is one of my favorites a long with The Miracle of Saint Nicholas...LOVE this story!  Once again, the St. Nicholas Center has a great list!  We hope to check our library for some of the ones on their list.

7. Pray for the intercession of St. Nicholas...
"God, our Father, We pray that through the intercession of St. Nicholas You will protect our children.  Keep them safe from harm and help them grow and become worthy of Your sight.  Give them strength to keep their Faith in You, and to keep alive their joy in Your creation.  Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen."

8. Blessing of  Candy Canes (St. Nicholas Croziers) from the St. Nicholas Center...

Candy Cane
Candy Cane
Candy Cane
Candy Cane
Candy Cane
Candy Cane
Candy Cane
Candy CaneCopyright © 2003
St Nicholas Center

by Edward Hays

Good St. Nicholas, we honor you
on this your holy feast day.
We rejoice that you are the patron saint
and the holy symbol of joy
for many peoples of many lands.
Come, great-hearted saint,
and be our patron and companion
as we, once again, prepare our homes and hearts
for the great feast of Christmas,
the birth of the Eternal Blessing, Jesus Christ.
May these sweets, these candy canes,
be a sign of Advent joy for us.
May these candy canes,
shaped just like your Bishop's staff,
be for us a sign of your benevolent care.
We rejoice that you are the holy bringer of gifts
and that so many have been delighted
through your great generosity.
Help us to be as generous of heart.
Wherever these candy canes are hung,
on tree or wall or door,
may they carry with them
the bright blessing of God.
May all who shall taste them
experience the joy of God
upon their tongues and in their hearts.
We ask God, now, to bless
these your brightly striped sweets
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

coverFrom Prayers for the Domestic Church: A Handbook for Worship in the Home by Edward Hays, copyright © 1989 (revised) Forest of Peace Publishing. Used by permission. Purchase from or

9. Buy extra holy cards and share them away:)

10.  Imitate St. Nicholas...Do an anonymous act of kindness!

Jessica from Catholic Cuisine is hosting a linky for celebrating St. Nicholas.  Be sure to stop by for more ideas or to share your own:)


  1. Thanks for sharing, Tiffany! Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!!

  2. Great ideas! I like those holy cards. Did you make them or find them somewhere? And I'm sure the guys wouldn't mind indulging him in his cake decorating passion as long as they got to indulge in the fruits of his labor!

  3. I love your list!! We were not able to get "The Miracle of St. Nicholas" out from the library this year- I don't know if it is out or gone. Hopefully just checked out. Kudos to your hubby for his steady hand- the cakes looks marvelous.

  4. Charlotte, I got the holy cards at the St. Nicholas Center and forgot to provide the link~oops. You are so right, I'm sure the guys at the station would just be glad to get something sweet to eat. You wouldn't believe the master chefs and bakers that come out of a fire department!

  5. You had a great day! I love the idea of writing the troops, Tiffany! This year, instead of a tradition St. Nick party, our homeschool group went caroling at a local nursing home and brought cookies and punch. You are doing a great job teaching them all about giving :) Happy feast of St. Nicholas to you and your family!

  6. HI Tiffany!
    Happy belated St. Nicholas Day! What a lovely post with so many wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing! Writing to the troops is a great idea and I love the St. Nicholas Center website! I'm glad you had a great day! :)

  7. that's a beautiful miter cake! I love all your ideas for celebrating a wonderful St. Nicholas feast Day! Those holy cards are lovely!

  8. Beautiful celebration, Tiffany! A man that cooks (and decorates cakes) is a blessing, indeed! :) Thanks for sharing all the ideas.

  9. What a wonderful post with so many great ideas! This is one of our family's favorite feast days. My kids were excited all day yesterday! +JMJ+

  10. This is a beautiful post with lots of great ideas! Someday I will try that cake! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  11. Hi Tiffany, your post is bright and informative! Thank you for sharing! I do like the St. Nicholas site too and especially the cute St. Nicholas roll ups. Where did you find your purple St. Nicholas statue? Simply beautiful! And your cake designed by your hubby is wonderful!

  12. What a lovely day! Thank you for sharing--visitng from the link up!


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