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Monday, December 19, 2011

O'Antiphon Candles

The final stretch of Advent is upon us...
"Shalom"...Peace be with you!
I thought I'd repost an idea from our bloggy archives to put together easy O'Antiphon Candles.

Starting December 17th, the O' Antiphons are often sung or recited for the last seven days before Christmas.
We place these candles near our main Nativity set to light and recite for our evening prayer.  It's a blessing to stand around the manger in prayer, especially these final days to Christmas:)
The O'Antiphons are 7 beautiful ways that Christ is addressed.  They are often referred to as the Seven Messianic Titles, based on the Old Testament prophecies and types of Christ.

To put together these candles, we printed the O Antiphon symbols out from Jessica's post over at Catholic Cuisine.
~Her idea was to tape these to chocolate coins~
Instead, I decided to cut these out and place them on red votive candle holders that I had on hand.
I didn't even color the symbols...I liked them black and white.
Since last year, these have been wonderful little tools for helping our family learn about the 
O Antiphon symbols.
O Night Divine has a beautiful prayer packet to print out and follow.
We were using our Magnificat Advent Companion until we discovered this one.
There are some lovely food ideas in this packet but we are keeping things simple with just the prayers.

At the end of the 7 days, we will be lighting the 
O Emmanuel Candle,
nearest to the manger...
Waiting in Joyful Hope for 
O Night Divine...Shalom!


  1. May these last days of Advent find you and your family filled with peace and joy!

  2. I love these homemade votives for O Antiphons!! soo creative, Tiffany! and your nativity scene is so beautiful -- it looks heirloom quality! how do you keep it so orderly without little hands moving all the pieces around!?? :)


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