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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who Is Mary To Me?

+Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception+

 It's a day full of grace as we celebrate Mary's pure conception in St. Anne's womb.  Conceived without sin, Mary was God's gift to the universe.  It is she who who leads all of us closer to her Son, if only we look for her graceful guidance.  I am especially grateful to celebrate this holy day whereas God's favor was given to us, even when we have least deserved it.  
Mary is the gift that keeps on giving:)
Can I tell you how much I love this necklace?
I couldn't resist this beautiful creation by Trendy Traditions!

I always like to take an opportunity to point out that I am nobody.  Despite what this blog displays, I am imperfect and struggle like the rest of the faithful to be right with God.  My simple promise to God is to keep trying.  I will never give up like I once was tempted to do.  I will persevere in the name of the Lord, with His most Holy Mother steering me in the right direction.  Hence this holy day always gives me jubilant hope.  Our heavenly Mother is always there for us.  She is never late, never wavering, never hidden. She is waiting for each of us to grab her hand and go to Jesus.  "Let's Go," I say!

On this journey, Mary has guided me through the latter part of my own Motherhood. I truly believe God gave us children so that we may practice humility.  Mary, once again, is the perfect model for humility. I always say that my children may break me down but they also make me stronger...They never fail to inspire me.  
For a writing and reflecting assignment, in honor of today's holy day, I asked each child to sit down and write on this topic: (I also challenged our "adult" child with this same reflection, with or without writing it down;)
Who Is Mary To Me?
(I just had to share their sweet responses...don't think I could have said things better myself!)

3 yo:  "Mary is baby Jesus' Mommy"

7 yo:

9 yo:

12 yo:
It is my deepest prayer that my children always stay close to Our Lady.  Through their life's inevitable trials, she will always be a sure ticket to the Savior.
"Mother of all mothers" (love that:), please pray for us!

Links from the archives:
Grotto Globe Craft 
(Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette saying: "I am the Immaculate Conception")
Mary Did You Know? Sung by our dear friend from church:)

Last but not least, I got the biggest kick out of this video today!


  1. Oh, my gosh, I liked this!!

    Love the ideas, super job celebrating!!

    All I have in me today, is I got up early to pray a rosary by myself, only to have my 2 year old join me (6AM)Which was fine, I actually got 2 in.

    We have the coloring sheets and blueberry muffins and Mass at 5...this old pregnant mama just has no more energy than that!!

  2. Small world! I didn't make the connection that it was you that picked up that necklace! It was one of my favorites to make - Mary is so pretty. Thank you for mentioning my shop, I really appreciate it!

  3. Those are fantastic essays written by your children!
    Good job, mama! +JMJ+

  4. Tiffany, the essays are truly a statement of your motherhood of your children! I am amazed your children know these beautiful teachings! their handwriting is lovely, and I also saw NO mistakes in their spelling !! unbelievable! wow. there's some awesoe teaching going on at your home schoolhouse! (that video is remarkable too!)

  5. That was a lovely way to honor Mary.

    May the Good Lord continue to bring you and your dear children closer to Our Blessed Mother. May they stay on the easiest, safest, fastest, most secure, and surest path to Jesus and to our own salvation.

    Ad Jesum per Mariam,

  6. Tiffany, Just popping in to say hello and Happy Advent! Enjoyed this post very much.

  7. Melanie~That IS a small world! I didn't make the connection with you, either. So glad I can share your gifts! Gardenia~ The kids certainly don't have perfect spelling...I corrected their spelling before I took the photo! I'm a stickler for that;-) Thanks to everyone for the kind comments...All for Jesus, through our most Holy Mother!

  8. This is a beautiful post! That video made me laugh :) Your kids did a great job and I agree with Gardenia, great job on the penmanship and spelling!!


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