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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Peek Into Our Purple (Lenten) World

This year we are making more of a conscious effort to decorate our home with the liturgical color of Lent~Violet/ Penitential Purple, resisting any Easter decor until the Easter season actually begins!
(This Cross hangs in our stair well)
Upon being called to live out the church year more wholly in our home several years ago, I've been intrigued by the signs and symbols of our faith.  We have so many visuals within the celebration of our beautiful liturgy, made just for the "visual learner" in me!  As we have learned more about the liturgy, our faith has come alive for our family.  Bringing the signs and symbols into our home has made it more tangible, hands-on, alive, allowing us to better respond to the beauty and power of God.  
~This Lenten wreath was made last year~
Now I know very well that Catholic images and sacramentals do not make a Catholic home.  Over and above, we must live  the faith and radiate love in keeping with Christ's commandments and example.  However, at the same time, our homes are competing with the outside culture as our children are being bombarded by practices that are contrary to Jesus.  It seemed to us (my husband and I) that handing down the Christian faith boiled down to what's important to  parents becomes important to children. Transmitting our values and attitudes had to be transparent in our home, to include visible reminders.
Just a simple visual sign like the color purple (violet) helps our family remember that it's not Easter yet.  Though the secular retail stores try to sell us otherwise, we resist the temptation to celebrate too early. Prayer, fasting and almsgiving strengthens us on the road to Calvary...A road we must travel first, leading us to Easter and the hope of our Salvation.

Lacy (Catholic Icing) has also written a post a long these same lines about resisting Easter until Lent is over.  
Kara and Gardenia both inspired me with their grape vine (crown of thorns) wreaths so I put together the one pictured above.  Hobby Lobby is carrying these neat metal crosses in the shape of nails for only $3.99!  They aren't very big but they are a perfect inset for a wreath.

I found great purple pillar candles on Amazon...
During Lent, I love the symbol of sand that reminds us of Jesus' time in the desert and the time we also need in the desert to sacrifice and grow, praying for a new conversion of heart.  This is our family "Lenten Desert" table center piece this year.  
I changed things up a bit from last year.
By the way, Barbara also has a beautiful candle/sand display to see.

This year I even found a purple table cloth for our kitchen table for only $3.00 on Amazon.  Couldn't resist that! It was linen so I still can't believe the price!?

Our table fits a 90 inch round but there were others that were also surprisingly low in price...Just search Amazon for purple table cloths:) The color of mine was described as "egg plant" but I really love it. 

I've mixed up the shades of purple throughout our home so some things might not be the "perfect" or most accurate violet color but it's the thought that counts, right?
Our prayer corner table has a lavender covering right now...
(We use the same one for Lent and Advent)
Holly and I must think alike as we both created Lenten Mantels.  This is what ours looks like...
I found a great deal on the purple glass votives (candles sold separately) on Amazon, as well as this pretty purple table runner for our mantel for only $3.99...Another great bargain!

  It's been nice to light the votive lights in the evenings as a reminder of the ancient prayer traditions of our church. It's been a special addition to our Lent.  I bought the Calvary Crosses (pictured) at Oriental Trading Company a few years ago.

Our front door dons a Dogwood Lenten wreath.  Have you heard about the Legend of the Dogwood?  It's a beautiful Lent/Easter story to know and share.
  I added a purple ribbon (Hobby Lobby has the perfect purple colored ribbon on their wedding aisle) and this little crown of thorns door hanger that I found at Autom last year for $4.99.
Purple in the bathroom, maybe? After all, some of my best prayer time goes on here;) 
I told you I was a liturgical loon!

And finally, I couldn't resist planting a few (very early) purple pansies for our front entry.  We have had an unusually warm winter this year so I'm not sure what to expect in the coming months.  Will they survive?  I'm not sure but nevertheless, they are a perfect pretty purple for now!
+Thanks for joining us for a peek into our purple Lenten world+ ~ Catholic Crafts and more!
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  1. Love seeing all of the violet in your home! What inspiration! (And thanks for the laugh-- if you are a liturgical loon, then I am right there with ya :)

  2. What beautiful treasures Tiffany! And how tickeled *purple* I am to be mentioned!! Joseph saw your crosses in the sand and insists we make one. I'll let you know how we do, thank you, my friend, as always for all the great ideas!!!

  3. I'm loving all your purples!! ((I think it's good to mix in the different shades. It reminds us of all our different sins maybe!!?)) Truly beautiful grapevine wreath with the draped nail, and a lovely dogwood wreath. I love all your home altar dressings and items there. it's all so in the spirit of Lent. And we need they daily reminders, sometimes several times in our day, so how wonderful that your family sees the reminders throughout your home (and visitors to your door too!) that beautiful picture on above your purples mantel -- is that the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary at the annunciation? oh so beautiful and appropriate for her upcoming feast day! I hadn't thought of the sand as the 40 days in the desert before, and I love it. I'll have to incorporate some sand here -- what a perfect teaching tool to our children. I saw Lacy's post too on saving Easter for the actual 50 days of the Easter season and really experiencing Lent during Lent. God bless your Lent.

    1. Thank you, Gardenia:) Yes, that is the angel Gabriel and a depiction of The Annunciation over our fireplace...It's such a special painting to me. Thanks for noticing:) May the good Lord keep blessing your Lent!

  4. You are quite inspiring!! So I went over and read the story of the Dogwood Tree. Never heard that before. Thanks for pointing us in that direction. Your purple everywhere looks amazing. What an inspiration for your children.

  5. Beautiful. I already have some Lent colors in my living room. I need to purchase a wreath for my front door. I used last year's for a valentine wreath. It is pieces of wood formed into a heart, and I added red carnations. But I do not want to take it apart. I will post pictures on my blog later.

  6. I love the decorating! I think having the visuals is a great reminder. I know it helps me (but we only have a very few items presently - it takes awhile to build it up!). Very beautiful.

  7. Love all of the purple! I agree too about all of the visual reminders are very important. It helps when we see things too so we may keep things in mind at all times during Lent. It looks lovely!

  8. Oh my goodness, I love all the purple. Your home is beautiful! I just ordered the table runner and I'm going back to search for a purple table cloth. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to share the links to the purchases you made. I just love looking at all your Lenten decorations- so pretty! There is so much to take in in this post that I keep going over it. You have inspired me!

  10. My purple-lovin' girl would move right in. ;) Your house looks lovely and faith-filled! Amen!

  11. I'm loving all of your liturgical decorations too! I think I'll have to add a purple candle to my crown of thorns for my prayer table. God bless!

  12. Beautiful! I love love love the wreath. Just stopping by from Link up.
    God Bless,
    Gail from

  13. Love your Lenten Desert! I'm thankful to Catholic Inspired's Lenten Link-Up for helping me find your blog. And thanks to you for all the inspiration!


  14. where did you get the crosses from your desert sand display?

    1. Hi there! I got the crosses for our desert sand display from Hobby Lobby! Prayers for a blessed Lenten Journey:)


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