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Thursday, February 16, 2012

St. Valentine And Beyond!

St. Valentine's Day was special since Dad was off this year...
This is SO exciting for a Fire Family!  We are always grateful when we have our Dad home on special days.  We never take them for granted since he works many, many holidays.
We had this fun breakfast planned as we had recently discovered the idea from one of our children's cook books.
Pop over to Catholic Cuisine for the easy instructions!  We called it Heart of St. Valentine Egg Toast:)
Did you see Holly's St. Valentine printables this year?  She shares so many neat things at her blog, Three-Sided Wheel.
Princess made a couple of Valentines for her friends with these printables and some construction paper.  What a great way to bring the "real" St. Valentine back into our celebrations...Thank you, Holly:)  She added a lollipop and holy card to the inside.
  I know many friends who make Valentines and take them to a local Care Home...We didn't get to this but what a beautiful idea!
We also re-purposed Holly's Valentines for another Secular-to-Sacred project. I found these cute boxes at the Dollar Tree.  They came with a clear picture window that fit the face of St. Valentine perfectly.  I only had time to make these 3 but I really liked the way they turned out...Maybe more next year?!

Beyond St. Valentine's Day...
Getting back to our routine is always difficult after a day full of fun and a little too much sugar...BUT furry friends sure help out!


  1. lovelove your doggie!! abnd those boxes are adotable. how wonderful you all had Dad home for the celrbation. my daughter wouldlove the sunnyside up eggs and toast meal! I recently found Holly's blog and thinks it's wonderful. thanks for sharing your *superbly lovely* ideas!!

  2. I'm so glad your husband was home this holiday!

  3. We made the egg heart toast!! Didn't work, as I flipped the toast to try to get the top of the toast toasted...but the heart cutout toast's I put on top of the egg and it was cute! The kids loved it.

    So glad your husband was home!

    1. Oh no, Jamie! So sorry to hear that:( I suppose you could toast the bread first before baking if you like your toast a little extra crispy. Maybe I should make note of that over at Catholic Cuisine. Our whole family just loved them. Glad they were edible at your house in the end!

  4. OK, I didn't read the instructions....I fried them!! I've made egg in a hole, by the Pioneer Woman and of course, she fries them in I did that, til I changed half way through to Pam cooking spray...that's why I flipped them!!! Pays to read the directions I guess...hahah!!


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