Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mary Always Gets Her Way

It is a very rainy and cooooold weekend here!
Our oldest son had a swim meet and is surely a giant icicle by now...Poor guy.  I couldn't be there since we had baseball going at the same time...I hate it when a Mom can't be more than one place at a time, don't you?
Our 8yo Superboy is trying his hand at the sport of baseball for the first time and today was Opening Day...Not much of an "Opening Day" since most of it got canceled due to rain.  
However, his actual game still played and we froze our way through it and made the best of things...
Or should I say we had a little divine intervention to help us through?
Princess brought her baggy of knotted Rosaries that she is working on making for soldiers overseas, as part of our Little Flowers (Middle Girls) group.  She's also making a few extra for gifts:)

Sitting next to us was a Mom that I had made an acquaintance with.  It turns out they are a family recently coming back to the Catholic faith.  What a joy to hear about her young son who is so devoted to his prayers each night and a teenage daughter just now humbly learning hers.  

Like the model Jewish Mother that Our Lady is, she showed her face with perfect timing to lead others straight to her Son.  Shortly after Princess brought out her bag of Rosaries, the teenaged girl immediately took interest in the project!
Princess gracefully showed the girl how to make each knot of the prayers on the Rosary decades and her friend caught on quickly!

I just sat there and smiled to myself thinking about how Mary always gets her way.  We need only to introduce her to our friends and she immediately leads all of us directly to Jesus.  Just a simple and humble introduction is all she needs, nothing flashy or preachy. 
I walked away from this baseball game quite (physically) frozen but cozy warm in my soul...That same feeling I get when my little one brings me flowers.
I never cease to be amazed and grateful for moments that God shines His face upon us when we show off His Mother.  I recently had a friend tell me a story about a wonderful priest who spoke of God's first miracle...Allowing Mary to carry His divinity within her womb.  No wonder she always gets her way!

Well, Superboy lost his baseball game but he sure made a cute little Catcher:)
Praying for my husband and second son who went trekking off on a Boy Scout backpacking trip, this same rainy and cold weekend...
God bless'em!
It's times like this when our large CAV (Catholic Assault Vehicle) sure comes in handy!
Holy Week blessings as your penitential purple violet 
 is transformed to heavenly white, all through red blood that was shed by our Savior...
+Only by the stain of the Cross are we truly free+ 

I'm linking up to Moments of Grace as this day truly was!


  1. another beautiful post, Tiffany. It is so remarkable the way Our Lady quietly and yet, surely, comes into our lives and the lives of those we invite. Your daughter was a great example today for her new friend, and t must have had a positive strong impact on the new friend to see another girl so loving of Mary to be making rosaries at a baseball game!! God bless all the little offerings your daughter is making, for those overseas... and for people sitting right next to her!! :) Blessed Holy Week. Love your CAV!

    1. Its always remarkable the way our Lady are so right, Gardenia! Thanks for kind words and a beautiful week wished right back at ya:)

  2. Yes. Another beautiful post. You could easily make this collection into a book. Had a good chuckle at the CAV!!! My hubs would like that one :) The events that unfolded at the game was truly Our Lady being involved. My heart skipped a beat. Just beautiful! And best of luck to Superboy and baseball this spring!

    1. Thanks, Patty! Our CAV is a total CAV, what else can I say;-) It serves us well! Have a wonderful Holy Week:)

  3. Amazing how those things happen! What a wonderful opportunity on both sides to share. And wonderful that you found each other. That is an awesome looking catcher you have there- that is a tough position. Sounds like your family is having a wonderful and wild weekend. Hopefully, your campers got a little bit of the sunshine we had around here this afternoon.

    1. Hi Laurie~ Campers had pouring rain for their hike! Good news is that it was sunny for the trek home:)

  4. Yes, a true moment of grace and Blessed Mother does always get her way! It's so nice to "meet" you through your blog. Have a blessed Holy Week.


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