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Thursday, March 8, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Anyone interested in making a St. Patrick's Day wreath? I always love converting the secular to sacred:) I dug this up from the archives as I'm hanging mine up this week.  Thought I'd re-post the tutorial for fun!

Making this St. Patrick's Day wreath into a liturgical wreath, only took a few easy steps...a long with a little Mod Podge and an image of St. Patrick!
I started with an old grapevine wreath (complete with dusty leaves that I need to clean) *wink* and added some foam glitter shamrocks with hot glue, representing the way that St. Patrick taught us about the trinity.  I think I bought these and the large bow from the Dollar Tree at one time.  If you can't find them there, I have no doubt you can find these inexpensive supplies just about anywhere...Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart?
Then I added this image to the center, found at this link.  I reduced it to 30% and glued it on with a little Mod Podge.  Voila...A St. Patrick liturgical wreath!  

It's nothing fancy but it's another visual that brings back the faithful meaning to a holiday that has been taken over, in large part, by the secular culture.

+Happy St. Patrick's Day!+
*For other liturgical wreath ideas, see this page*


  1. Hi Tiffany, you are so creative! I think I'd like to make one myself. It is so much more meaningful to have it with a picture of the saint. Thanks for the tutorial too.

    If interested, Jennifer from Crafolic is doing a giveaway on my blog of her Journey's End Game. It would be great with all of your kiddos!

  2. Oh I love your St. Patrick Day wreath! what creativity you have Tiffany. love that image of Saint P!!

  3. I love it, Tiffany!! What a wonderful way to honor the true meaning of St. Patrick's day! Truly beautiful!

  4. This is great and such a creative way to live the liturgical year :)


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