Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Shepherd Sunday Dinner

Happy Good Shepherd's Sunday!
I'm re-posting our traditional dinner menu as I'm scrambling out to the grocery store after Mass to pick up supplies...Good Shepherd Sunday snuck up on me this year:)  Just in case you are looking for quick and easy ideas to celebrate this special day of the Easter season!

Our Good Shepherd Menu:
  • Shepherd's Pie (I used the recipe from Simply Recipes) With a cheese cross garnish:)
  • Shepherd's Staff Bread Sticks
  • "Green Pasture" salad
  • Flock of Sheep Cookies

Our sheep cookies were really easy and turned out cute!  

Sheep Cookie Tutorial:
Here is a photo of the ingredients:

1.  Use any jumbo chocolate chip cookies. (Ours were store bought)
2.  Frost in sheep wool swirls with cream cheese frosting.  Mix with a bit of chocolate frosting for a tan color.
3.  Use regular sized marshmallows cut in half for the face
4.  Cut mini sized marshmallows in half for the ears
5.  Mini chocolate chips were used for the eyes
6.  Nose/mouth was a mini m&m
7.  Black licorice was used for the legs
Table Decor:
(I saved these and re-use each year)
Two years ago, we did a little sheep craft to decorate our table based on an idea from this link.  We made 7 sheep, for 7 people in our family to represent the fact that we are Christ's sheepfold.  Then we cut out green hand prints for the sheep's pasture to represent the hands of the father from the gospel passage:  
"My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one can take them out of the Father's hand.  The Father and I are one." ~John 10:29-30~
Here is a tutorial for a quick and easy Good Shepherd Candle Craft if you don't have a (home) Paschal Candle:
I found this link to a printable Good Shepherd that I found in google images.  If you click on the full size image, you should be able to print to the perfect size for these clear glass candles, found at the Dollar Tree (and many other places too).
I printed it out and used this product to seal it to the candle.
This is something I found that does not cause printed color copies to bleed.  It worked perfectly!  If you don't have this, Good old Mod Podge will work too.
~The Good Shepherd candle worked great along side our Paschal Candle~

Most importantly, let us remember to always listen for the voice of the Shepherd...
Our happiness depends on our fidelity to the grace that keeps us sensitive, aware, and disposed to the tender voice of the Shepherd...."I think I could no longer live if I stopped hearing Him speak."~Johan A. Mohler~


  1. How fun, can I come for lunch?

  2. All such wonderful ideas and what an awesome thing to celebrate! Your children will have such a joyful connection to their faith, Tiffany.

    God bless our good shepherds.

  3. Great job, Tiffany! And I agree...your kids will have a joy-filled connection indeed!

  4. What a great way to celebrate, Tiffany! I love what you did. You are always so creative. I love the idea of the candle. I have some candles like that from our Dollar Tree. I will have to look for an image of Mary to do for tomorrow :-) Thanks for the ideas sweet friend!

  5. I totally forgot it was Good Shepherd Sunday until arriving at mass :( You are awesome for remembering!! Looks like a great spread and my kids would have been crazy over those cookies!

  6. What a wonderful celebration!! I honestly did not know there was such a thing as good shepherd Sunday. I need to look in to that. I love all your food and decorations.

  7. Tiffany, what a lovely Good Shepherd Sunday dinner your family had with the lovely dinner entree and sides. the sheep cookies are too too cute. I love the sheep crafts, and of course the homemade Good Shepherd candle for the table!! a wonderful feast! thanks for praying the novena and your other prayers for Jack.

  8. Fabulous! This one completely slipped by me this year....even after Mass it still didn't "click" until I read your blog post. Oh well...I guess I can't remember everything. Heck, I'm happy to remember most of my children's names this week! :-)


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