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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Inspiration

Before I Go is my newest night stand reading and I love it!  It's easy reading and one of those books you definitely want to pass on. I recommend it to anyone who is a parent and to any young adult. In fact, I'm considering it as a high school graduation gift to all of the special young people in our life.  I'm going to have my adult son preview it next.  Mostly because I want him to read it too!

Basically, it's a list of 162 things that this Catholic author and professor of philosophy would like his children (and grandchildren) to know before he leaves this earth...He speaks from the heart with profound advice that incorporates faith, life, and a sprinkle of humor.  What I love most about the book is the depth of Peter Kreeft's wisdom.  Some of his words reach deep into the soul.  Let's just say that I want to say "ditto" after every point I read!  If there's one book that lists everything I'd want my own children to know, including the best 'reminders to self', it would be this one.

I'll close with a couple of my favorite excerpts: 
#141.  How Communion Works:
"In it God says to you: Put the lips of your faith to my heart and drink my blood.  It alone will save your life. I give my life for yours in this holy exchange, this holy communion.  I suck the sin, the poison, out of your heart, if you let me.  Open your heart to my lips and I will do it.  And open your lips to my heart and I will give you a blood transfusion."
#39. One Gift for You:
"Suppose God came down the chimney this Christmas instead of Santa Claus and said to me, "I'll give you any one gift.  Anything you ask.  Guaranteed.  What do you want?"  What would I ask for?  
First of all, I'd ask it for you.
Then, I'd ask for Heaven.
My worst hell would be to go to Heaven and not find you there.  To wander across Heaven forever searching for you and not finding you would turn my Heaven into Hell.
Woody Allen says that the most important thing in life is showing up.  That's the most important thing in the afterlife too.
I hope you know how to get to Heaven, how to have a happy eternity.  There is a way, and the way is a person, the one who said "I AM the way." (John 14:6) God gave us a well-marked road map, the Bible.  Both this person and the book are called "the word of God."


  1. Tiffany, that definitely sounds like a "must read". I'm adding to my list!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful book, Tiffany. Here is another one you would love, Letters to Ethan
    I love when you suggest new books!

  3. Yeah, I am going to look into this book myself. Thanks! +JMJ+

  4. This sounds like a wonderful book. It's now on my wish list. Thanks for the review, Tiffany. Good books are hard to find, and it's great that you shared this one with us.


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