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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Patroness Of The Americas

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!
+How special this year on 12-12-12+
Some of you may have seen this crafty idea from Domestic Church...I have admired it for years!  This year, we finally planned for it and pulled it off:)
It really is very easy and the beautiful image is printable over at their site with simple instructions and visual aids. (Mandatory for this Mom;)
I'm definitely saving these...Handy for All Saint's Day!
This year, the kids will be wearing them for our Parish Procession:) {Minus our tween who was not thrilled about donning a tilma}  I am enjoy my little ones, who are good sports for now;-)
This feast day is always a mandatory celebration at our house due to a special love I have for Our Lady of Guadalupe, who led me on the path to forgiving a {seemingly} unforgivable crime.  A pilgrimage to Mexico City was the culmination of such grace outpoured... 
I've never written about this particular journey here but the Holy Spirit saw fit that another writer connect to it through my pilgrimage post. Tim Drake wrote a beautiful article and  it's featured in this month's Catholic Digest:)  All glory and honor to God, through His most holy Mother!
If you happen to read it, let me know what you think!
*Feast day blessings to all*


  1. Oh, they look great, Tiffany!! Blessings, on Our Lady's feast day, to you and your family!

  2. Awesome tilmas! I clicked on links but didn't find his article...I do want to read it.

  3. So lovely! I have been searching out Catholic Digest to read your article :-) I promise to email you back very soon, sweet friend! I hope you are enjoying a peaceful and blessed Advent.

  4. sweet creations for our lady & the good Lord - a perfect addition for the parish procession.

    please let me (us) know if the article ever makes it way to online. i would love to read it but i do not subscribe to CD.

    continued prayers for a joyous and peaceful advent journey.

    ad Jesum per Mariam,
    lena & family

    p.s. congrats on having all your children home!

  5. I really must subscribe to Catholic Digest (and get a copy of the article!) What blessing to make a pilgrimage to Tepayec Hill in Mexico City and see the beautiful image of Our Lady in person ! It's on my list. Merry Christmas Tiffany.


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