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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Topsy, Turvy, Terrific!

May is here already!
 Time is zooming by, as usual.  
The weather where we live makes me want to be outside all. the. time.  I know that is such a blessing when God's playground hollers for our company.
we found a park nearby that we have promised to visit at least once a week.  The readers in the family want to make it their new reading nook.

"Some" of us had a fun OUTing, there recently.
While missing the other members of the family, we still made the best of things:)
I really *love* how these photos turned out...
But there's one, little, "if only."  "If only" our whole family unit were in them!
Can I just say the I really miss those days when all 5 kids were in every photo?
It has me feeling topsy turvy.  
I know that time in our life has officially passed but I just miss it.
It's a new phase now...A new place.
We have a young adult growing out of his teens this year and an older child who is quickly growing into a young adult.  At the same time, we still have youngers who are still sweet and innocent, though growing just as quickly.  I am really, really, trying to savor every moment!
As for precious moments, this Mama recently had a lovely opportunity to visit our college son.  He's doing great and we are so proud of him:)  He's on the Dean's list and heading to Rome for a semester in August...
[This college has an amazing campus of its own right outside of Rome!]
I have to say that it is an amazing blessing to witness your own children living so much better (including making better decisions) than you did at their age!  
I am beyond grateful.
My oldest daughter went along to be my travel buddy and we had fabulous mother-daughter time!
We arrived just in time to see the last of the famous Texas Blue Bonnets (State Wildflower) in bloom.  They are so pretty!
These 2 photos were taken on my son's campus.  I just love "the tower" in the background...Students call it the beacon of hope:)
Princess loved experiencing her first college campus!  

Big brother enjoyed showing us around...
He loves the intimate class {round table} setting.
Princess loved the peaceful surroundings:)

A bonus to our travels was a visit with some Texas friends.  Patty and I met in the blog world and connected "real life" when our son first left for this college near her home. It's so fun to meet a fellow blogger and even more of a blessing to form a lovely friendship.  As Patty said herself:  "Friends are good medicine."  True indeed.  
God places just the right people in our paths according to His good timing and plan.
One of the neat things about this time around was that some of our children got to meet up in "girly heaven."  
Can you guess where?
It was such a fun morning, to say the least! This bunch is a sweet family to hang out with, let me tell ya:) And the boys DID survive! *wink*
With the tides of change, bonus blessings always abound...

Speaking of... This trip I finally got to meet Charlotte, from Waltzing Matilda!  We met prior to and (had the chance to chat) after a beautiful Cistercian Mass near the college campus.  {The college my son is attending is also the Alma Mater for Charlotte and her husband:)} It won't come as a surprise that she and her family are just beautiful, both inside and outside the blogging world! 
There are so many of you that I'd love to meet!  Maybe someday... If not in this world, maybe the next:)
It was a wonderful trip with good memories to cherish.
For now, I will be happy with the topsy turvy.  
We might not always be together but together we will always be.
That's the goal, at least:)
Through it all, I'm finding that even the topsy turvy is pretty darned terrific!
+God is good+


  1. What a great post! And you met Charlotte -- I hope to one day as well. ;-)

    I always feel topsy turvy at Mass because we are almost never all there, with two in college, and sometimes my son's girlfriend is (who will be an RCIA candidate this fall -- you heard it here first!). In other words, I know just how you feel.

    1. Thank you, Barbara! I hope you DO meet Charlotte someday. She is a doll and the epitome of generosity. Congratulations on your son's girlfriend's RCIA entry! That's wonderful news:) Oh, I dislike that Mass emptiness too. Hugs to you through your transitions...Wish we could have coffee!

  2. It must be so hard to let them go... And yet such a joy to see them flourish! My oldest is finishing his first year of high school and I feel like time is slipping away faster than I thought possible. But it is a beautiful thing at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing your family and blessings. :)

    1. Yes, it's such a mixed bag of emotions, Melody. I know you will enjoy these next few years...Hang on while you can! I think I'm really enjoying my littles more than ever and that is a special time in itself:)

  3. Good memories that will last a lifetime ;) You think I could fit into H's suitcase and attend his courses in Rome for a semester without anyone noticing?

    1. I said the same thing about stowing away in H's suitcase! Lol I guess I'll have to settle for living vicariously through my children:)

  4. Thank you for sharing this... it's wonderful! And I know what it's like when the birdies start to fly. Oh yes, I know. Now I have little grandchildren, and whenever I notice how fast they're growing I want to yell "now, STOP that!!!" But on they go, and by the grace of God I'm savoring every precious step.

    1. Love it, Nancy! I'll be right there with you when grandkids come a long someday! God bless you for savoring your time with them:)

  5. Hi Tiffany, it must be an emotional time with children in different stages of life. Beautiful and heart breaking at the same time! Your pictures are just lovely! Perfect weather and time spent with your son and Patty! Your son going to Rome for a semester is a chance in a lifetime. Not many people get to do that or have the courage to do so. You've obviously raised him well, my friend! God bless!

    1. Thank you so much, Noreen...You are always so encouraging! You are right, this will be an opportunity of a lifetime and our son is truly blessed:)

  6. ...God is most graciously good! may you continue to find joy & contentment in the present, no matter how topsy-turvy it may seem. continued prayers, my in-person friend, turned blogging friend. funny how that has worked--His plans are far greater than ours. ;)
    ad Jesum per Mariam

    1. Thank you my dear in-person, turned bloggy friend! God's plans never cease to amaze me. I pray you and your family are being richly blessed on your pilgrimage. I have always been greatly inspired by that! I know you will cherish every minute with that sweet oldest daughter as her future plans unfold. All For:)

  7. Really, Tiffany... you write for me! And, once again, I am crying. I think on the outside, living day-to-day, I am doing okay... functional, happy, GRATEFUL... but, on the inside, I always feel two (sometimes three and four) ducklings short. It is a joy to watch them grow into adults and flourish... but, my heart aches a little, too. I like this, "We might not always be together but together we will always be."
    Thank you for sharing, and understanding, and putting it into words! +JMJ+

    1. You are so sweet, Annita! Oh how I wish we could sit and share thoughts over coffee...I hear you;) Hang in their, dear Mama friend. Hugs and blessings to you. Let us pray for one another and may Mama Mary bring us peace that only the Mother of God can do!

  8. You're amazing! I get topsy turvy when one is at ballet class. And if two are somewhere else...well I can't go out:) It's just too confusing to be short a duck or two!!!
    I'm glad you're son shows us around the campus. It makes it so much easier to consider Dallas on the short list one day. He's making it happen for all of us!

    1. I'm chuckling, Kara...I'm not so amazing at all:) hee hee! God's grace must be sustaining me at this time of transition, that's all I can say! I'm glad you like the tour...It's fun to share a good Catholic college. The Adoration Chapel is always packed with students and it's 24 hour/perpetual. Isn't that wonderful? I just know that protection is like NO other. Thanks for stopping by, it's great to hear from you!


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