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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful Gifts To Share

I love to remember special people at Thanksgiving if I can pull of a little something extra. 
This is a short little post to share 2 of my favorite ideas.

My favorite gift to share with friends, family, pastors, teachers, etc., are these mini pumpkin loafs.  We made these last year and they turned out so yummy and cute with free printable tags.  You can get everything (recipe and tags) over at The Larson Lingo.

We added chocolate chips to a few of ours…yum:)
And we eventually found the mini loaf pans that came with plastic lids…Much easier and better presentation (than foil) for the cute tags!
My second favorite gift that we've given over the years is a Blessing Mix.  Organized Christmas has a fun recipe and printable poem that gives a description of each item in the mix as symbols of Thanksgiving.  It's been awhile since we made these so I think we'll make a few of this year! They are so simple, festive and sweet:)


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  1. How thoughtful! You are such a blessing to all of us :)


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