Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Friday, February 13, 2015

Lenten Meditation~ 2015

My friend Julia recently sent me this meditation. It fit me perfectly and I will be reflecting upon it quite often this Lent...It's so good that I had to share!  I pray it might be just what you need as well:)
In His Hands
We must offer ourselves to God like a clean, smooth canvas and not to worry ourselves about what God may choose to paint on it, for we have perfect trust in him, have abandoned ourselves to him, and are so busy doing our duty that we forget ourselves and all our needs.  The more closely we devote ourselves to our little task, which is so simple, so secret and so hidden and apparently so paltry, the more does God enrich and adorn it: "God works wonders for those he loves." (Psalm 4:3)
It is true that a canvas simply and blindly offered to the brush feels at each moment only the stroke of the brush.  It is the same with a lump of stone.  Each blow from the hammering of the sculptor's chisel makes it feel--if it could-- as if it were being destroyed.  After blow after blow descends, the stone knows nothing of how the sculptor is shaping it.  All it feels is a chisel chopping away at it, cutting it and mutilating it.  For example, let's take a piece of stone destined to be carved into a crucifix or statue.  We might ask it: "What do you think is happening to you?" And it might answer: "Don't ask me.  All I know is that I must stay immovable in the hands of the sculptor, and I must love him and endure all he inflicts on me to produce the figure he has in mind.  He knows how to do it.  As for me, I have no idea what he is doing, nor do I know what he will make of me.  But what I do know is that his work is the best possible.  It is perfect.  I welcome each blow of his chisel as the best thing that could happen to me, although, if I'm to be truthful, I feel that every one of these blows is ruining me, destroying me and disfiguring me.  But I remain unconcerned.  I concentrate on the present moment, think only of my duty, and suffer all that this master sculptor inflicts on me without knowing his purpose or fretting about it."
~Father Jean-Pierre De Caussade, S.J.


  1. Don't you just love Lent?
    It is a time of rebirth and renewal and I think I love it more than Advent if I am truthful. There is something so powerful, almighty and wonderfully mysterious about Lent that I just adore. I love what you posted SO much, Tiffany! You know that I have been molded, remodeled and chiseled much in the past few years ;) This is so timely for me, you do not even know! Thank you so much for sharing with us. I printed it out and plan on meditating on it during Lent. Hope all is well sweet friend :-) Blessings to you all!

    1. Hello sweet friend! Yes, I LOVE Lent...You and I share that passion. For me, it's all about that Passion:)~literally! I'm so happy this little reflection was helpful. I know it was timely for me as well. Thanks for stopping by and for staying in touch all of these Lenten seasons of our lives! God bless you, always.


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