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Friday, May 7, 2010

Crowning Lunch Tutorial

Here are a few instructions for the Crowning Lunch!

Queen of Heaven Crown Cake:
1.  We baked a yellow cake in a 13X9 pan.  We cooled and cut in the shape of a crown.
~Next we flipped the crown over to decorate~

~We used blue colored frosting and sprinkles to adorn the cake~
~Cake Mate makes some decors that we used for the jewels~
For the center of the crown:  I bought paper mini frames from the Dollar Tree.  I inserted a Holy Card and then cut the frame to fit our cake...voilla!~
It is non-edible, of course!
These are photos of the decors and frames:

2.  Our Crown-shaped Sandwiches were cut out from the large-faced sour dough bread.  I made turkey and cheese sandwiches first, cut them out, and then added the pickles as the crown jewels.
3.  Crown-tipped Chips are just triangle-shaped tortilla chips!
4.  Crown Jewel Berries are just whole strawberries (Self-explanatory).
5.  Our Lady's Blue Lemonade~ Regular yellow lemonade with blue food coloring~


  1. I just love the Sandwiches - the pickle jewels are such a great idea!! And your cake is just lovely!

  2. Thanks, Jessica! I was in a hurry to frost the cake so I didn't even frost the sides! It was just me and the kids so I took the short cut;) We hope that other families have as much fun as we did!

  3. thanks for the tutorial, Tiffany. your menu was so clever! and we'll try the crown cake.


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