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Friday, May 7, 2010

May Crowning

Today was a lovely day for a May Crowning! 

 It is the First Friday in May and the beautiful sunshine is glorious in our neck of the woods.  We (sadly) have to miss 2 other opportunities, later in the month, for group May Crownings in our homeschooling community (sigh).  Settling with doing it with our immediate family, we decided to make the best of it!  This First Friday in May was picked with the intention of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in mind.  We are gearing up to plant our Mary Garden on Mother's Day so we crowned Our Lady (here at home) first, so we don't stomp over our newly planted flowers after Sunday!

Superboy got the honor!
Then we traveled over to our parish shrine to crown Our Lady there.  

We followed our morning with a Crown-themed lunch!  We were originally inspired by the crowning lunch ideas that we saw over at Catholic Cuisine by Waltzing Matilda...Then we took off from there!  We offer prayers and thanks to these inspiring and amazing ladies.  Our menu would also work for many other Marian feasts...
This was our Crowning Lunch Menu:
Crown-shaped sandwiches
Crown-tipped Chips
Crown Jewel Berries
Our Lady's Blue Lemonade
~For Dessert~
Queen of Heaven Crown Cake

Close-Up Lunch Photos:
Crown Sandwiches
Crown-tipped Chips

Crown Jewel Strawberries
Our Lady's Blue Lemonade
Queen of Heaven Crown Cake for Dessert
(If anyone would like tutorials on any of these, I'd be glad to post, just let me know.  Most of this is very simple and you could re-create just by viewing the photos!)
More Photos From Our Crowning:

We created our own "home" ceremony which we conducted prior to our crownings.  It included the following prayers and hymns:
Oldest Son came home on his lunch break to join us for our Crowning Lunch!


  1. just beautiful. I would've shed a tear of joy had I seen your children's crowning of Mary. You must've been so proud of them. It's testament to your faith formation of your little ones. It's what I aspire to with my family. our Mary statue is on order and I'm praying it arrives before May ends, but we will crown Our Lady here no matter when she arrives. I love your lunch menu. I'd love to read a post on a tutorial on the crown cake (it looks different than the one on Cath. Cuisine). Happy Month of Mary.

  2. What a beautiful day!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!
    For our 3rd Month of Mary activity we had a "Under her Starry Mantle" tea party.
    Hugs & Blessings,


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