Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Mary Garden

~My Mother's Day Blessings & Me~
(Minus hubby, not pictured)
I pray that all Mothers had a blessed Mother's Day!  By the grace of God, after morning Mass, we were able to follow through with our Mother's Day tradition of planting our Mary Garden.  It continues to be a lovely gift that we give back to Our Lady for her "Yes" to God.  It was a blessing that hubby had time off the day before Mother's Day to gather all the flowers and supplies.  I list the flowers and their meanings at the bottom of this post.  Here are some photos:
This is the "before" flowers photo.
Hubby, Princess, and Superboy started by planting a cross using Marigolds (Mary's Gold),beginning at the foot of Our Lady
Me and Mer-man helped fill in the gaps
Army Dude (below)helped plant our tomato garden while others worked on the Mary garden 
We placed our Lady Bug Painted rocks at the foot of Our Lady
Mary Garden Complete!
All 5 children and Benny the pooch!
We made "garden flower" cupcakes to share with our grandmas who came for dinner...

Here is a list of our Mary Garden flowers and their symbolic meaning...

Impatiens ~ "Mother Love"
Alyssum~"Flower of the Cross"
Marigolds~"Mary's Gold"
Morning Glories~"Our Lady's Mantle"
Petunias~"Our Lady's Praises"
Forget-Me-Nots~"Eyes of Mary"


  1. beautiful tradition.
    Pax Christi - lena

  2. A beautiful garden! I think our family will be stealing your wonderful ideas :)

  3. Dear Tiffany,
    I have wanted a Mary garden for so long now. But each year we hope to move and I dare not start one.
    Perhaps should though as this just makes we want a beuatiful tribute like yours
    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. The garden is so beautiful. i love that you put the marigolds in the shape of a cross. it really stands out nicely. and those lady bugs are adorable. we will defnitely do that too. I'm praying our Mary statue arrives soon. thanks for sharing the flowers too and the links.

  5. I pray that each of your gardens be as lovely as you! It will surely reflect the love Our Lady has for you and your families. ~Totus Tuus~

  6. That is so lovely! I'm sure Our Lady is pleased with the beautiful garden. I love the decorative fencing and it fits Mary's title of 'Gate of Heaven'. The ladybugs and cupcakes are super cute!


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