Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alleluia From Head To Foot!

Happy Easter...
From Our House To Yours!
What joy to light our paschal candle!
I just love how Christians used to (and may still do in some places) greet one another during the Easter season with these words:  "Christ is risen!"  The response is: "He has risen indeed!"
What an opportunity to reJOYce and reflect on the overwhelming love that God has shown us through Jesus' death and resurrection, encouraging us to become as St. Augustine expressed, "alleluias from head to foot!"
We brought out our "Alleluia" on Easter morning.
This year we went to Easter Vigil to joyfully welcome one of our youth group teens (and many others) into the church... Alleluias were abundant!  I just love the Easter Vigil...It's like God reigning triumphant right before our eyes!
Sadly though, in the hurry to get out the door, I missed getting a family photo AND other photos of everyone in their "Easter best"(sigh)  I DID get a group photo of all the kids squished on one little couch at Grandpa and Grandma's house on Holy Saturday...They looked like a bunch of Easter chicks piled on top of eachother!
Then we got up early so we could pack up and drive to my sister's for our Easter Sunday family gathering.  {I think I was the only one still rubbing my eyes} Before we left, our sacrifices turned into jelly beans, guarded by our Paschal Lamb reminding us of Christ who paid the ultimate price out of ultimate love.
There's always an "eggstraordinary egg hunt" at my sister's. This year Army Dude found one of the Alleluia eggs!
OH the excitement of a good egg hunt...
Don't you love that age doesn't seem to matter when it comes to this fun tradition?  I enjoy watching the innocent fun and discovery going on, especially from sweet Grandpas who help out!
I was in charge of the desserts this Easter for 2 separate family gatherings.  We are definitely making this one again... It's a Resurrection Tomb Cake!
This was an extremely easy Wine Bundt Cake.  I just cut it in half (after it cooled) and turned it upside down for a tomb.  A sprinkling of powdered sugar is the final touch.  The cookies posed as stones to reveal the empty tomb. We used the characters from our Resurrection Set for effect! I have posted the recipe and instructions over at Catholic Cuisine.  
These were our Alleluia Cupcakes...Christ is risen-He has risen indeed!
I found these little cupcake toppers at a local Wilton store.  The nests were edible but the crosses were not.
Here's wishing you Alleluias from head to foot all through the Easter season, the most important celebration in the life of the Church!


  1. lovely celebration. great to have you back. :)
    prayers for a continued JOYfilled Easter season.
    Pax Christi - lena

    p.s. i received your sweet package during Holy Week. a thank you for a thank you, your thoughtfulness and generosity can't be out done. ALL FOR!

  2. Happy Blessed Eastertide, Tiffany, to you and your wonderful family. Lovelove the tomb cake. a brilliant idea!

  3. Happy Easter!! Your desserts look fabulous! Such a blessing to be able to have an outside egg hunt!

  4. Happy Easter! I really like the tomb cake idea! +JMJ+

  5. What a wonderful celebration. Happy Easter!

    In the Risen Christ,


  6. Happy Easter to your family Tiffany!
    I too missed you and loved the tomb cake idea. Looks like you had a very blessed Easter celebration.

  7. I love witnessing the grandparents (especially grandfathers) taking part in the hunt for eggs. Your Easter celebration looked wonderful! Happy Easter!

  8. wonderful ideas! Loved the decorations

  9. Love your Resurrection cake, Tiffany! Happy Easter!

  10. Happy Easter! Glad to see you back Tiffany! You are a busy momma! What beautiful postings, ideas, and great use of the days that are supposed to be faith and fun filled with family. As always blessings to you. I truly wish you lived closer, I can give you a cup of my Cuban coffee and pick at your creativity. It's so awesome to see all mommy bloggers give their successes up in their blogs to inspire other moms to do the same throughout the year. Beautiful, blessed and so happy with ideas! God bless you and your beautiful family during this Easter! =)

  11. What a blessed Holy Week you had Tiffany!! I would love to link to this post. All wonderful ideas!!! Happy Easter!!


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