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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Resurrection Pots

Resurrection Pots  
Front View (Top photo); Back View (Bottom photo)
We enjoyed planting "New Life" today! 
We dug in to plant Easter grass, also using it for a combined science and faith unit.  Seeds and plants are the perfect segue to Lent as we are preparing for a new life in Christ through the glory of His ressurrection, hence the term Resurrection Pots!  We used the Resurrection analogy as we planted our Easter grass from seeds. We talked about how we are also but little seeds who yearn for the life giving water and light of Christ, just like our Easter grass needs water and light. {This also corresponds perfectly with the 3rd and 4th Sunday of Lent Gospel readings.  I didn't plan it this way, but it sure worked out nicely!} I'm making note of this to repeat for next year!
Any size pots (I got these from the Target dollar section)
Faith stickers, Google images, or see Holy Reflections and shrink to fit (these images may bleed)
Mod Podge (to seal if paper images are used)
Potting soil
Rye grass seed (or wheat berry grass seed)
Spray bottle for misting the seeds
After pots are decorated, add soil...
Sprinkle a handful of Rye Grass seed to top of pot...
We used a measuring cup to scoop...Hope we weren't too generous with the seeds!?
Then pat down firmly...
I love projects that even a toddler can do!
The next step is to sprinkle a light amount of soil over the seeds, just enough to cover them. And the final step is to mist the seeds, soaking them thoroughly.  Directions remind us to be sure to mist the seeds each day. We placed our Resurrection pots in our kitchen window, at the foot of our Lenten cross.  This window receives abundant light. We secretly hope their position helps their growing process!
We forgot to add a little top layer of soil in this photo...oops!  We went back and did that.
Several articles claim that this is a very result oriented planting project and that grass will begin to sprout within 4-5 days and full in about 2 weeks.
These would make lovely Easter gifts for grandparents, godparents, etc.  I think they would also be great centerpieces for the Easter meal table.  This is a google image photo of what the grass is supposed to looks like when sprouted:
We are saying a little prayer that our Easter grass will sprout quickly and nicely, just in time for the Resurrection!  
Other Helpful Links for Easter Grass:
As mentioned in my trip up to Calvary Hill, I gave myself an assignment to re-pot a Lenten plant in memory of the late Venerable Pope John Paul II and my late husband, Chris.  They share the same death anniversary today.
The snails attacked my plant so it looks a little sad compared to a week ago.  I'm hoping that it will perk up with a little TLC and snail bait.
Soon-to-be-Saint John Paul II, please pray for us!
Update on the Resurrection Pots:
~Growth after 5-6 days~
~Growth after 9-10 days~

Fully Grown!
~Approximately 14 days~
Perfect timing for Holy Week!


  1. I really like the new header photo, your blog looks great!!

    This is a wonderful idea, I will have to remember this for next year. Maybe you can eat your "greens" :)

    Blessings for the rest of your weekend!

  2. What a FANTASTIC idea! I may do this today!! The whole concept is just fantastic...thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I like the new blog look a lot!

  3. your resurrection pots are beautiful!! I may have to do the Easter grass, so I can use the mod podge!! ;) I love that holy card site too and have made some laminated holy cards from them.


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