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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Final Stretch of Summer

I've been in denial about being on the final stretch of summer vacation.  I know I need to get motivated to begin planning our school year but in all honesty, I am having a difficult time with that.  Discovering this prayer novena came at God's perfect time!  A long with prayer, I am giving myself a deadline of August 1st to finish any projects I still need to do within the home and a few other outside ministry things.  Until then, I'm also trying to treasure the simple joys of each day before the pace picks up!
This was a lovely article reflecting the thoughts of our Holy Father on vacations...It's been the focus of my thoughts, seeking renewal of heart, mind, and soul in this final stretch of summer.

Our last few weeks have not been very exciting but they have held many moments to be savored.  I am posting a few ponderings and photos for my record keeping.  Any quotations I used are from the article linked above as I have been reflecting on the Holy Father's suggestions.

Oldest brother gave littlest sister her first set of swim lessons!  He's a life guard at our local City pool so he gave her lessons on his lunch break this past week.
"Interrupting the hectic and frantic pace of daily life, we can take time to dedicate ourselves to others and to God."
Dad (what a sweet guy:) fact, it was his idea, that Mom and her friend take 24 hours of Mommy renewal...
It was a blessed CMG( Crazed Catholic Mom Get-away) with a dear sister in Christ!
"Include a copy of Sacred Scripture in your suitcase."
Contemplate the greatness, and admire the beauty, of creation around us, recognizing in it the wonderful presence of the creator."
"Discover monuments of the past--witnesses of our culture and faith are examples of our spiritual roots and heritage.  Cathedrals and abbeys, in particular, are places where beauty helps us feel the presence of God and inspires us to pray for the rest of humanity, on its pilgrimage through the Third Millennium."

Around the house, we have tried to limit game units and television as much as possible.  Lo and behold, imagination ensued!  The 4 kids played Emergency (remember Johnny and Roy from the 70's)?  We found it on Netflix:)  I know I'm "dating" myself but I used to love that show when I was a kid!
The kids made our bed into a fire truck, created some props and all took part in the "rescue" operations!  
It was fun to watch the creativity in their play, especially with the varied ages. (12, 8, 7, 3) They certainly don't always get a long perfectly...but as with most kids, they tend to have positive results when they can find a common game and play/work together.  This was a great discovery!

When her brothers and sister were playing with neighbor friends, little Miss Busy Bee made me a special snack from her kitchen...I am enjoying the pieces out of her current age and phase of life.
Benny the dog always keeps us occupied and gives us plenty of snuggles...
Trips to the library kept our reading skills up and running!
"The enjoyment of friendship, reading, nature and culture helps to nourish and restore our spirit.  It gives us the strength to continue our journey refreshed and renewed."

Praying that your final stretch of summer is filled with many moments of blessings and grace to sustain you through the changing seasons!


  1. I'm so glad you were able to get away with a friend for 24 hours! Someday we will have that bloggy friend retreat :) Your dog is adorable and so are your kids. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. It's hard to believe that truly we all are in the final stretch of summer. I love the reflections you chose from Our Holy Father's reflection. He gives such appropriate advice. Oh I too need a CMG because of my crazed attitude lately, I so could use som reflection, retreat, and prayer time. Your husband is a gem. and I too loved Emergency and those two guys!

  3. Good for you for picking enjoying, living and remembering to breathe. I'm so happy that you were able to have that special retreat!!! Loved the emergency set up your kids put together!

  4. Summer is my favorite season, no question.

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