Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He Said What?

Usually I am scrambling to write down things my younger children say, knowing I'd forget it if I don't!  Kids say the darndest things sometimes, don't they?  I like to write them down (if I can) since it's great to look back and remember those precious moments in time.  Blogging has been a good place to keep such memories on record, and a public record at that!  In my case, it's the only record I have so I suppose a public record is better than no record at all.

This time I'm writing about something my oldest child said.  I can still say "child" for about 2 more months and then he will be my "adult" child. (sniff, sniff)  He has recently taken a side job of babysitting twin boys to help out the Mom caring for an infant.  One of her twins has Downs Syndrome.  Other than some dear friends who have a severely brain damaged child, my son has had no exposure to special needs children.  I was asking him how things were going with the babysitting and he started telling me how much he loved this particular child with Downs Syndrome.  I made a comment about how sad and heart breaking it is that people abort babies when they discover that they have conditions like Downs Syndrome.  He just gasped and got the saddest look on his budding adult face, exclaiming: "Awwww, I WANT a Downs Syndrome baby..."

He said what? I nearly broke down in tears right there on the spot...Joyful tears of course!  How was it that my teenaged son stated something so pure and beautiful? Our culture tells us that teenagers are our worst nightmare.  Did the culture just hear what this teenager just said?  He said something that I've never heard any adult say in my entire life...He wants a Downs Syndrome Baby.  They were words of love, not fear.  They were words of life, not death.  They were words that I never dreamed of in my own teenaged years.  They weren't just words, they were truth.  They weren't just words, they were glimmers of hope in this culture of death.  He just defied all odds...He said what?

"In order to give love to anyone, we need to enter into contact with that person. If we are only interested in large numbers, we will get lost in numbers and never be able to encounter a single person with love and attention.  I believe in the things that happen person to person.  For me, each person is Christ and since there is only one Lord, the person that I meet in any given moment, to me, it totally unique." ~Blessed Mother Teresa~


  1. I did break down in tears right on this spot.

    That was truly beautiful.

  2. That totally caught me off guard- I have tears in my eyes too. Amazing grace.

  3. This is truly a story of hope. Teenagers aren't nightmares because they are teenagers but only but only because they embrace a culture of death. You've got yourself a good boy there. Praise God! :)

  4. beautiful witness! praise God for his love for life and willingness to see Christ in each face.

    Deo gratias!!

  5. Tiffany, you are raising some saints in training!
    Oh this touched me so much too! What a beautiful thing for him to say! You must be so proud of your Mer-man! What a selfless thing for anyone, let alone a teenager to say. I am so glad that you catch these little life lessons so you can reflect on them again. I keep a journal of what my boys say and love re-reading it!

  6. I have to admit, it isn't something I would have said as a teen. What an incredible blessing you are raising into and adult! He is a blessing to the rest of the world!

  7. Your son is a blessing to all who know him. God chooses special people to be parents of a disabled child. Your son surely has received wonderful graces from Our Lord (and probably Our Lady too!!)

  8. Oh Tiffany, your son has beautiful heart! He should shout that from the rooftops of all the abortion clinics so moms considering abortion could hear a word of hope and encouragement towards having a Down Syndrome baby.


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