Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simply Jesus!

These little booklets were treasures that I received in the mail this week.  Out of the goodness of her heart, Lori sent me these in response to a post I wrote on Daily Mass awhile back.  It was God's perfect timing that they arrived this week during a rough patch... Lets just say that my husband and I knew it was going to be a sacrificial summer (I will spare the gory details) but it's another thing to live it!  I have seen these booklets around but can't say I have ever (that I remember) picked one up to read it all the way through.  Today I read The Wonders Of The Holy Name and if I were to describe it in one word: Gem.  The simple wisdom offered was just what I needed today.  It didn't take much, just the simple invocation of the sweet name of Jesus.  After all, I am not a learned theologian, nor an expert in the faith.  I have so much to learn, even the simple and most obvious things.  I am nothing but overjoyed when I find a new simple secret that involves Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  It fills the deepest desires of my heart to ingest simple nuggets, simple food for the soul...Jesus.  Did I use the word simple enough to tell you how much I love simple?  Especially when it comes to simply Jesus.  I am certainly not implying that Jesus is simple but invoking the name of Jesus has simply taken on new meaning(s), more than I can count.  Life is simply Jesus and Jesus is simply Life. Needless to say, I plan on buying more to Pay It Forward.  Many thanks,  dear Lori!
"This booklet is lovingly dedicated to the Sweet Mother of Jesus.  No one loves the name of Jesus as she does."~Fr. Paul O'Sullivan
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  1. The Wonders of His Holy Name is one of my favorite little books, it really packs a punch doesn't it!

  2. Those are a couple of my favorite books too!!!

    Love saying "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" all the time!!
    (whispered under my breath--in a reverant way of course)

    Love the 4th pictures, especially that great water slide--what fun!!! I want to live in your neighborhood....for more reasons than one!

  3. Praise God that you received this gem at a much needed time.

    Pax Christi - Lena

  4. I almost always learn something new when I stop by, Tiffany. How lovely of Lori to send these your way. i'll have to look into these little booklets.

  5. Nothing better than random acts of kindness when you need it most :-) I will have to check out these little books myself since you speak so highly of them. Don't you just love how God works? I know that when I need something the most (of course I usually am not very aware of this need at that time) is when He provides and showers us with love!

  6. Tiffany, I'm not familiar with those books but I will definitely have to find them. I think we can learn much more about our Faith when it's presented simply. I can get "lost in the translation" at times, when it's complex!

  7. I am so glad you are enjoying these books. You are very welcome. The Holy Name book has brought me immeasurable comfort as well.

  8. I've never seen these pamphlets. They sound wonderful, and what grace to receive them when they could bring you such comfort. Another great "Pay It Forward" post. I'm still reading (and loving) the book from your last "Pay It Forward"!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful resources.


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