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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Angels Working Overtime

Do you ever have those days when you know the angels must be working overtime?

Well, we've had a few of those lately...Starting with our weekend trip to the lake (about a 4 hour drive) with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was designed to be a distraction from missing our pilgrims and also spend some last moments of "down time" before we kick off our school year.  We took separate cars from Grandma and Grandpa so I arrived (with the kids) before my parents.
The kids had very little trouble getting adjusted to the 6,000 foot elevation, cooler weather and even cooler water...They made a run for it!
My Mom had not been feeling well.  It had appeared that she had a similar respiratory virus that my Army Dude has been struggling with.   Still determined to make the trip, she decided to come anyway.  She didn't look good when she got there and within her first hour, we were in the ER.  She was having trouble breathing and the elevation wasn't helping matters much.  The initial diagnosis was double pneumonia (in both of her lungs) and they were keeping her in the hospital overnight.  My Dad and I rapidly went into survival mode and took turns visiting Mom and juggling the kids.  We prayed and tried not to worry while the kids did a lot of this...
The lake was very high so luckily our motel had a pool.  The children swam like fish all weekend while my Dad and I went back and forth to the ER.  When the worry set in, the angels worked over time to keep us afloat.
We attended Holy Mass in this gorgeous church that felt like heaven on a hill with this amazing view of the lake...
And we prayed for Grandma Judy.
2 nights went by and the Dr.'s were mystified about their findings and my Mom continued to struggle with her oxygen intake...They decided to transfer her to a bigger hospital (nearby) today.  The more we learned about how sick my Mom really was, the more it was clear that it was a small miracle that we got her to the ER in "time."  Her Guardian Angel was most certainly working overtime on her behalf.   By this time, my little natives angels were growing restless... The hospital was not allowing children in the ER (due to risk of illness) and the ways to keep 4 children occupied in a small space was growing smaller.
As God's plan would have it, with a little more help from the angels, my younger sister was available to come and be with Mom.  I didn't want to leave her (it was awful) but I was also a bit helpless, being alone there with 4 kids in tow.  My dear sister headed up the mountain and we started our journey down.

  As I left the hospital, I glanced at one of my tires and it appeared to be low.  Needing to stop for gas, the angels saw fit that I pulled into a station that had a service garage.  I asked the technician if he would help me put some air in my tire.  He introduced himself as Paul and was happy to help.  While putting air in, he noticed that there was a nail stuck in the tire.  Oh no, now what!?  Not to worry,  Paul St. Paul was very helpful and able to fix/patch the tire right on the spot for a mere $15.00.  Whew!  He did make note that it was a good thing that I stopped as chances were slim that I would have made it down the mountain without a flat tire!   I gasped at the thought of being stranded alone on the side of the highway with 4 kids...Thank you Guardian Angels!  The kids and I immediately prayed in thanksgiving for that little miracle...the 2nd one in the past 2 days.

We continued our journey down the mountain and stopped for a late lunch a long the way.  (Approximately 3 hours from home) We all got out to take a potty break and decided to sit and eat before getting back in the car.  Remember this little stop for later....
We loaded up and continued journey home.  About 90 miles from home is our Capitol city and we got locked up in traffic.  Suddenly we were surrounded by dozens of police cars racing past on both sides of a 4-lane freeway.  Come to find out (by calling my brother-in-law), we were in the middle of  2 high speed chases...both involving criminals with guns.  The kids were loving all of the swarming sirens and police cars but I found it a little unnerving myself.  I kept wondering if maybe I was wearing a "drama magnet" today?  But really I was praying that our Guardian Angels would just stay with us...please!

We made it safely through the action zone and drove home peacefully for the last hour...until we pulled into the driveway.  I reached for my purse to pull out my house keys...NO PURSE!  I could NOT believe it.  Yep, no purse.  Remember the lunch stop, just down the mountain, 3 hours ago?  I remembered that I hadn't grabbed my purse (slung to the back of the chair) before hustling little ones out the door and into the car.  Lucky for hide-away keys!  We were able to get into the house and I immediately began calling the restaurant, thankfully remembering the small town where we stopped. (My memory is not always the best these days)  I started to wonder if maybe our angels were tired by now...No one would pick up the phone at the restaurant.  I called and called and called and called and called and NO answer.   Talk about frustrating...I kept thinking about my ID, credit cards and identity theft.  Had my purse been stolen or saved?   The children helped me pray for the intercession of St. Anthony!

By the grace of God, my Dad had not left the mountain!  If worse came to worse, he could stop by the restaurant to look for my purse.  I never did get ahold of the restaurant but 2 hours later, my purse was was saved and not stolen, praise GOD.  Thanks to my Dad, St. Anthony and the great purse rescue!
This was miracle number 3 in my book:)

  It was a blessing for the children to watch everything unfold as we prayed and trusted that God would provide for us through the angels and the saints. They saw first hand that God really IS with us in our trials, great and small.  He IS most certainly there in the little miracles a long the way.  It was a crazy day full of stress but also a testimony to prayer. And believe me, we sent out our thank-you prayers immediately.
Hallelujah for angels working overtime!
Now for a stiff drink or chocolate?...
The chocolate from a dear friend won out!  Have you ever heard of Lula Lund?  These salt water caramels were the best!
...But we're not done yet as we continue to trust in God's holy and loving plan, praying for my dear Mother/Grandma Judy.  If you find it in your heart to pray, I would be incredibly grateful. We are thankful for great medical care and the many trained professionals who are helping her get well but the power of prayer stretches out far beyond any of this. 
Thank you, God Bless you, and don't forget to thank your Guardian Angel:)


  1. Wow Tiffany! This is an awesome story, I think I would have lost it after I realized my purse was missing. This will be one of those days you will all remember for a long time. Prayers said for your mom and for you!

  2. Praise God for your your mother's medical care, guardian angels and His loving grace.

    Continued prayers for Grandma Judy.

    Ad Jesum per Mariam

  3. Oh my word! It only grew worse and worse. You kept it together so much better than I would have. Praise God for the guardian angels that he sends to us.

    Praying for Grandma Judy!!

  4. Thank God for hardworking angels! Prayers coming for Grandma Judy.

  5. OH, Tiffany, I cried through this whole post!

    Prayers coming your way.

    Minnesota Mom could us some prayers too...worried about her parents.

  6. Wow! What a journey you have had the last few days! Prayers for Grandma Judy that she recovers soon and can come home!

  7. Dear friend, you have had some real trials this week and yet, you've viewed them as opportunities for prayer and thanksgiving! (what an example you are to your little ones). It's so true, i find, that if we take notice, our guardian angels and our Lord are there in every step we take. I pray for your mom, Judy, and will keep her in my prayers until I hear good news! God bless you and your angels!

  8. Prayers for your mother. I'll jot her name down, so I don't forget. God bless.

  9. What a week you had! It probably seemed so overwhelming at the time, but, in hindsight it is so wonderful to see that you made it through all of the trials (with the help of those hard working angels) so gracefully. What a wonderful witness for your children to see as well! I think I would have started crying by the time you lost your purse. I hope that this coming week is much smoother for you. Continued prayers for your family and mom too. How is she doing now?
    Take care Tiffany and God Bless!

  10. Oh, thank you everyone for the support and prayers! It has been a tough week with dear husband gone too. My Mom is still in the hospital and they are thinking she inhaled some strange spore or foreign element that is causing her lungs to fill with fluid. They are giving her steroids in hopes that will do the trick. Thank you again for your love and prayers. Every kind word feels like a hug! God Bless you all:)

  11. Your poor mom! Not only is she sick, but she must have looking forward to that time with you and her grandchildren! Praying that she heals soon.

    When I first read this, I could not even think how to respond. I admire you for not curling up and just starting to bawl! That is what I would have done. It is wonderful that you looked at the blessings in it all.

    I think we might have a friend in common- Diane B. from Los Banos. I saw something via facebook that I thought might be you as it had to do with World Youth Day.

    Chocolate is good for all occasions! :)


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