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Friday, October 21, 2011

Funny Friday

There is never a dull moment with a toddler in the house!
I was invited to this beautiful tea party yesterday...Quite a lovely spread, I thought:)  Oh how I love the budding imagination and creativity that comes with this age of 3.  Sometimes she spins our world but she also has a way of stopping the world from spinning, even for a few minutes.  Yesterday, she got me to stop what I was doing, sit down and play, halting that spinning Earth for a moment in time. Oh yes, I was thankful.

And let me tell ya, this little angel baby has a way of keeping us real and providing those great big belly laughs.  Today was no exception so I thought I'd share our morning.

Scene I: Daily Mass
(almost over)
Angel Baby (whispering loudly):  "Mommy, church is almost over, the priest is cleaning the dishes!"
Mommy (smiling):  Nods her head yes.
Angel Baby (still whispering loudly): "Mommy, how does he clean the dishes very good without a sink?"

Scene II: Church is now over and we are leaving.
Angel Baby (Yelling loudly to others as she blesses herself, departing the church):
"If you don't use holy water, you can't get out!"

So there you go, Funny Friday at our house:)


  1. Lol!! I love the church comments. Don't they just make your day? :)

    I miss tea parties. My youngest daughter, Erin, used to be the queen of tea parties. It really does just seem like yesterday...

  2. I love little sayings of children. it's so good to write them down for eternity because we moms forget so easilt. what a beautiful tea party setting. It looks like your girlie had some other "friends" attending too!

  3. That hilarious Tiffany! Your angel baby is such a delight and obviously full of life!


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