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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy All Saint's Day~2011

We had our Little Flowers and Blue Knights All Saint's Day party last Friday.  
It's always a wonderful opportunity for the children and adults to learn about new Saints and celebrate the men and women who've gone before us...The true heroes and heroines of our faith!  Their real human lives and sufferings are examples of perseverance and courage for us all.  They inspire me to keep putting one foot in front of the other towards the goal of heaven:)

It has been a tradition in this group to kick off the party with a Saint Guessing Game.
Each child stands up and provides a few clues as to who they might be...The other children raise their hands and try to guess who they are!?

Here is this year's saintly line up (from our house) and their clues...
-She was born in Italy, the 10th of 13 children
-She was a Dr. for children
-She gave her life for her youngest daughter from complications of child birth.  This daughter is still living and speaks about her Mother's life and courage...
Who is she?
St. Gianna Molla

-He was a soldier in the Roman Army about the year 283
-He was a Captain of the guards and a secret Christian who encouraged many converts.
-When he was discovered, he was shot with many arrows and lived through it.
(He was later beaten to death)
-He is the Patron Saint of Athletes and Soldiers for his tough warrior spirit.
Who is he?
St. Sebastian

-She was born in England and her Dad was a King, who later became a Saint.
- Her 2 brothers also became Saints.
-After she died, a clear liquid leaked from her bones and many people were healed through her intercession.
-There is an Abbey named after her, located in Northern Colorado.
Who is she?
St. Walburga

-He compiled the 1st Latin bible called the Vulgate, hence the Bible Man cape:)
-His symbol is the lion (on the shield)
-He is a Dr. of the Church
Who is he?
St. Jerome

Did you know that St. Walburga was also a scootering nun?
Well, this one was!  Look at her GO:)

It's always a simple celebration but the costumed saints have a great time.

Although, we really missed a couple of our big families who were out of town this year:(  We played St. Cecelia's Musical Chairs and some fun outdoor Saintly Halo games with hula hoops.

I adopted Allison's Saint Cake for dessert!
Wishing everyone a very happy and holy All Saint's Day!
“We should not only want to be with the saints; we should also hope to possess their happiness.” 
~St. Bernard~


  1. I love your saints! We had to put off our group's All Saints celebration until next week, but we are looking forward to it. James is dressing as Blessed Miguel Pro and we are running an activity table with the same theme.

    Thanks for your comment- I really have been in a funk, but for some reason got charged up the this weekend. I put up some decorations, and went out last night to find the snacks. We had a great time preparing today.

  2. What a great tradition! The costumes are fabulous!

  3. Happy feast of All Saints Day to you and all your saints in the making!

  4. wow, I love your little saints! the costumes are so unique, and I love that you chose saints who aren't the top in popularity !! love walburga!! and on her scotter how hilarious, seeing her nun habit flowing in the wind! Happy Feast Day of All Saints!!

  5. Tiffany- I nominated you for the "I Blog Jesus" award. You can stop by to see.

  6. Where did you find the St. Sebastian costume? My son picked St. Sebastian for his All Saint's Day this year.

    1. Hi! The St. Sebastian costume was a Knight costume that I (think) I bought at Target. The shield was a little Dollar Tree find:) hope you find something! God bless+++


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